2018 - PG - David DeJulius (Commit)


I would be shocked if he is a major contributor.


Care to explain why, or…?


I’m not the best judge of talent moving from high school to the college game, but I thought Eli Brooks would be able to get into the lane and hit a jumper off the dribble based on his tape. Couldn’t have been more wrong apparently…I hope the game slows down a bit for him and he develops. With that being said, I wish we had DeJulius this year…


Eli will be fine next year. I’m confident in that. Could David out play him for time? Possibly but I think Eli will be a nice option if not.


I don’t know, I think a huge issue with Z and Eli at this level is how they both barely get their feet off the ground when they shoot it. Both of them would get so many shots blocked if they actually took more two point jumpers. DeJulius certainly has a more traditional looking jumper.


I just don’t think he will be ahead of Eli who already had a year here.


Didn’t MattD used to wax on and on about Brooks’s ability to shoot off the dribble?


DeJulius is one of the best off the dribble shooters in the class. Both in high school and EYBL play. That ability is legit.

Brooks showed some of that ability, but not nearly as much as DeJulius. Brooks also played significantly worse competition.
Off the dribble shooting is basically what DeJulius does. The video shows that and the numbers show that.

There will be some refining required… a good off the dribble jumper is different at a prep level than Division I, but the ability is there and this roster desperately lacks it.


DeJulius looks great off the dribble in high school, and the competition level makes it more likely to translate to the college level. But was I wrong that there was a lot of talk about Brooks’s ability in that regard, including by some infamous skeptics?


Yeah, I think you are. AFAIK MattD was never a fan of Brooks. Brooks could shoot it in HS/AAU, but obviously has struggled to adjust to the college game.


He came around at the end.


I knew I didn’t dream this. Here are some relevant quotes from the Brooks thread:


Not really sure why it matters (or how it relates to DeJulius), but I always just assumed that stretch of posts was passive aggressive sarcasm.


Must have been his buddy typing…


That was a mystery at the time, but passive aggression would’ve been contrary to all his other behavior, which was never passive.

Anyway, it only matters in the sense that (1) translating HS to college isn’t always smooth for all sorts of reasons, and (2) it might be too early to give up on Brooks.


Brooks never played EYBL, and his high school comp was downright awful.

Different athletes in the B1G when it comes to getting where you want to go with your dribble.

I just don’t see a scenario where DeJulius isn’t a roatation player next year. JB loves shooters, and Zavier and Eli can’t shoot.


Just think that they are different situations, sample sizes, etc. DeJulius might not solve Michigan’s PG issues, but he’ll help.


Yeah, I’m hopeful that DeJulius will help here. I also think more minutes (and experience) for Poole will be a big factor. And Matthews has shown some abilities that may be more consistent next year, and maybe Iggy can provide some help too. (And we’ll see if Brooks can show improvement.) Definitely an area that needs to be better, and DeJulius hopefully is one source.


MattD will always have quotes to show he was right about Eli Brooks, regardless of what transpires; MattD was all over the map on Brooks.


It was lol.