2018 - PG - David DeJulius (Commit)


Final warning on this MattD talk, waste of comments in this thread. Let’s stick to DeJulius in here.


Eli can shoot. Just hasn’t well yet this season.


There will be an adjustment for DeJulius. I expect Brooks to shoot much better next year especially after camp Sanderson adds some much needed strength. His shot is not broken like Zavier’s.


Eli barely sees the floor anymore. He shot poorly when he was the starter and absolutely abysmal from three. He hasn’t even scored in almost two months.

His initial resume was that he was a “potential” 3 point sniper in waiting. I’m still waiting …

There’s nothing off his performance this year that remotely indicates he is even an average shooter going forward.

Could that change? Potentially yes. But he’s not shooting over HS midgets anymore.

My gosh the kid is 17-57 from the field overall, and 10-39 from three. 10-39!!


The shots Eli has taken from 3 this year have been largely uncontested so has nothing to do with the size of the defender. He and Livers both missed a lot of open looks early. Livers finally broke out. Brooks lost minutes and looked like he started pressing.
He has to prove he can do it in the big stage.


Do you remember how Simpson and Teske looked last year as freshmen? Ever hear of the sophomore jump? Not every player lights it up from day one.


Hopefully DeJulius will. Because that PG spot is so ready to be taken over by somebody who can actually make a jumper, and move the ball with purpose.

If you’ve got faith in that being Zavier or Eli after what we’ve seen this year with their limitations, so be it. I do not.


I’d think it will still be a platoon next year. Hopefully Dave is the guy, certainly seems like the best scoring option. But Z is more than serviceable in other areas that produce winning plays. No clue on Eli, but I’m definitely not going to write him off based on a shaky frosh season.


A lot of this discussion seems to be an either/or scenario. I’m thinking if DeJulius proves to be ready, he will play regardless of what Brooks does next year. And if Brooks does regain his confidence, improves etc, he seems to have the flexibility to play some at the 2 as well as the 1. And from what I’ve seen to this point, skill set wise, he seems a more viable option to play minutes at the 2 than Matthews at this point. I could easily envision times where DeJulius and Brooks are on the court at the same time.


In Beilein’s system, I have more faith in sophomores and juniors than I do freshmen, especially point guards. But, if David can come in and take over, I am all for it.


I love DeJulius game but the transition to M isn’t easy. Just look at Simmons this season, and he’s coming from a MAC team. Maybe DeJulius will assimilate as quickly as Trey Burke but most likely not. Unlike Burke he will have a junior, returning starter, PG, in front of him, and Simpson works hard and will be difficult to unseat imo


I do believe Eli will come along nicely in time… but the comparisons in their Sr year have to start with the level of competition they face and Double D faces far better day in and day out.

I see Simpson being more of a role player by the time he is a Sr ala Tom Tom in East Lansing



What is “PSL?”


Public School League. He won the Detroit PSL MVP


Anybody want to guess on who gets Mr Basketball?
Seems like a lot of good candidates.
Anybody I’m forgetting?


It’s Loyer or DeJulius


Yep and it’ll probably be Loyer because of his Dad and Clarkston being media/coaching darlings.


DeJulius getting a lot of pub after monster game against Clarkston though. Could be close.


Bumgardner already gave it to Loyer. Said he won it with a blind pass in the state championship game last year.