2017 NCAA Tournament Games Thread


He recruited a bunch of great talent at Illinois. He would have probably continued to get better and better at it there. I think he would have bended/broke some rules, but I think he would be recruiting at a higher level than JB. Maybe not a Kansas level but something similar.


It’d be incredible. But Self is such a good recruiter that it masks his in game coaching. I don’t think he’d win 13 consecutive conference titles at Michigan, but I think he’d get 3-5 every 10 years at Michigan.

I wouldn’t trade for him though cuz we’d be on probation by the time he left.


I think Michigan has the man they want that perfectly fits the schools culture. No need to risk the Michigan brand!


Of course, John Beilein has been here 10 years and is literally one layup away from having 3 B1G titles.


Yeah, and that’s the minimum I would expect from Self.

I think it’s a no brainer that Self would get better talent and more regularly compete on a national level than JB. He’d be unethical in doing so, but he’d do it.


You think the Athletic Department would give Self the key to the kingdom and then look the other way? I don’t.


If they hired him in the first place, it’d show they were willing to compromise in the first place.


Absolutely agree. This situation is a hypothetical.


No shame in our game… SC and Oregon in the final four?


We should have won it all


Eh, single elimination tournaments are crapshoots. Nova was the best team this year IMO. They didn’t make the second weekend. Doesn’t mean they weren’t the best team.

Rarely do the best teams win it all. We played like crap and almost made the Elite 8. We go shoot our average from deep against Okie St and we we’d have been one and done.


Rarely? Don’t know about that, but I agree with the overall point.


Down goes Kentucky! Down goes Kentucky!


That was a real “root for the meteor” game for me. Hate both of those programs. I’m annoyed that the only ACC team to make the Sweet 16 is slinking on to the Final Four.


Nova was overrated. I know they were two in the kenpom but they were too soft downlow to win it all. They also had no depth. I saw that Wisconsin upset coming from a mile away.


If Nova is too soft down low, then so are we but you said we should have won it all…

I think you’re a bit too biased.


Give me dj and moe, over paswal every day of the week. Two nba bigs versus someone most people already forgot.

Also we were too soft downlow and it cost us. Moe and djs offense finally couldn’t outweigh their weaknesses. Another issue is nova had a ridiculous draw that actually exposed their weak points.

If they beat Wisconsin they play Virginia or fla, extremely tough matchups. Virginia already had them on the ropes at their place.

Nova not having spellman this year really hurt them.


The one and done is a crap shoot but I actually think the final 4 is a nice representative of the best teams.

Unc and gonzaga are top four teams any way you slice it. Then Oregon is arguably a top 4 team. Particularly with Boucher that’s an easy case to make.

South Carolina is not but I don’t think their that surprising. They have shown glimpses of being very good all year. Usually the top teams are well represented


Every team has flaws and faces potential matchup problems in the NCAAs. Which is why the tournament is a crapshoot. You could face a matchup problem in the first round or not face it til the Final Four. And there were no elite teams in CBB this year, but I think the debate for the best team was between Nova, Gonzaga and Kansas. Only one of those teams is left. That’s single elimination for ya. If we would have won the tournament, it doesn’t mean we were the best team in the country.


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