2017 NCAA Tournament Games Thread


He hasn’t even seemed like he’s trying. Just ready to move on to the NBA.


110% agree. That’s why I didn’t think they’d make it out of the Sweet 16 a while ago. He’s not a leader IMO. A great player but always surrounded by great talent to hide that leadership.


Anybody still want to debate when to take a last shot in a tie game?


I think Michigan-OK State has finally been surpassed for best game of the tournament. Wisconsin-Florida, wow.


Oregon just hit two threes late in the half. One was in and out and off the top of the backboard and in, next a 25 footer off the backboard from straight away. Just made me think of Drob’s two shots that were halfway down and popped out. Game of inches


Oregon is an excellent team. Really like Bell and Dorsey. We’ll see if Kansas can put together a monster 2nd half like they’ve been doing so far in the tourney. Oregon does a really effective job switching defenses. Altman also seems to be one of the few college coaches who understands the 2 for 1 possession at the end of the half. Would like to see us try that because it’s a smart thing to do.


Oregon is good. Hope they win it all. We really almost beat them even not playing our best, it’s crazy


They’re studs. No shame in losing to them. We have to accept that they were the reason we were off our game.


Wow, Michigan’s performance Thursday has become very impressive after watching what Oregon has managed to do to Kansas thus far. It also should put to rest the why didn’t Michigan go down low questions.


They’ve got 4 guys, not including CB, who are better athletes than anybody on our roster.


Bill Self is incredibly overrated. Anybody here can go ahead and back him up but you have that much talent every year and choke every year. I’ll take JB over him any day.


Embiid, Wiggins, Selden, Mason, Graham, Ellis, Alexander, Oubre, Diallo. No final fours


In game coach and as an individual talent developer, JB is superior. But Self is a great recruiter. And that’s half the battle in CBB. We’d be better (and shadier) as a program under Self because he’d be getting better players more consistently at Michigan. We’d also probably choke quite a bit in the NCAA tournament because he’s a mediocre in game coach.


I definitely give them credit for making everything inside of the 3 pt like difficult, because as Dylan has pointed out, our 2pt FG% and FG made are the best barometer for our offensive success. But we missed a lot of pretty good looks from 3, and a lot of our 1st half turnovers were relatively unforced.

They’re obviously a great team, even despite missing one of their best players. But I think we shot ourselves out of that game, and that doesn’t account for dissecting the last few misses/gaffes. Also can’t deny that Dorsey has found that level that’s a tier above the super saiyan mode that Dwalt found


He’s a hell of a recruiter but it ends there. Can you imagine how we’d all feel if JB had that talent every year and had the track record of Self? It’s unbelievable. Truthfully I think it speaks more to how overrated the Big 12 is yearly as well.


And what can we say now about Matt Painter and Purdue? His team just rolled over against KU.


Completely disagree, is Self a great recruiter or have the standards of recruiting been compromised?

Is Self a great recruiter or is the University more accommodating to BB?

Let see how SELF recruits at a football school!


There are a lot of whispers that the Kansas program is dirty.

Self also coaches in a lousy conference, which allows him to rack up the wins and get a high seed in the tournament, which his teams frequently don’t live up to. I just heard that Self has coached seven #1 seeds at Kansas and only one (!) has made it to the Final Four. That’s incredible.


Agreed. Kansas also missed a lot of open looks, and started to rush things far too early and made horrible choices. . I like Oregon and bell was amazing at the rim but Michigan and Kansas did themselves no favors.


I think Oregon is really good at getting into your head with their defensive mix.