2017 NCAA Tournament Games Thread


Saw this on the 4-letter network’s website, thought it was interesting:

“The last remaining 5-star players from the 2013 recruiting class have made a huge impact on this year’s tournament. While Kasey Hill and Zak Irvin couldn’t get their teams over the hill into the Final Four, Isaiah Hicks and Nigel Williams-Goss will now look to cap off this season by winning the national championship.”


If unc wins I win a bracket pool with 187 entries. I also could win. If South Carolina beats unc.

I am not very confident in this fact though. I’ve been tooting the zags horn all year and I still think their the best all around team as long as they spread the rock and don’t get to concerned with pounding it every play inside to karnowski. It’s a good strategy but at times when their offense dies they just feed him and watch. The rest of the team is way to good for that.

Berrys ankles have me scared and he wasn’t playing amazing anyways. It’s odd they haven’t looked that great to me outside of the butler game and their still here. I feel the same way about Oregon and the zags. None are playing close to their top ball from earlier this year.

It’s almost like this year more teams " lost" games then another team won them. Except South Carolina who’s peaking. It’s very interesting. I do feel the other three are top five caliber but their not playing up to it.

Here’s praying unc figured it out. Also why does unc play the white back up pg walk on over Britt? I don’t get it. Why isn’t Britt the back up pg anymore or sharing it with woods? Very weird.


??? Britt is 100% still the backup PG. Over the last 5 games Britt has played 46% of available minutes and White has played 8%, all of them coming due to 7th’s foul trouble. And honestly, I guarantee every UNC fan would rather see White and Britt split time (Fun fact, Stilman White’s first game played at UNC came on 11/11/11 vs Michigan State on the aircraft carrier).


Whispers…kinda like Harbaugh whispers to refs during games :joy:


Good luck Oregon, your route to being champs - Michigan then 3 straight 1 seeds. That’s a brutal road.


I never realized how rare this was.


Haha man Oregon. Weird how things have a way of evening out. TWICE missed free throw boxouts


The irony, and yet, not much you can do when Meeks pushes you in the back to get the rebound.


Looked like Bell was at fault each time. The last free throw he didn’t even try to box out Meeks. Feel bad for the guy.


They got TV Ted’d


I didn’t see a foul on either of those offensive rebounds. Bell didn’t even attempt to box anyone out. Definitely not gonna get a call when someone actually fouls you, let alone when they don’t.


Oregon needed to shoot a three with 8 seconds left or whatever. That layup did them no good.


It’s crazy that the feel of that game was essentially Michigan in the Oregon game. Oregon didn’t play well yet was there in the end. Only difference was they never had that late lead.


I thought so too, but if they get that first board they’re down 1 with over 5 seconds left…


I didn’t see a foul, but even if there was, there’s about a 0% chance it would get called in that situation.


I didn’t see it as a foul. He got bullied just like he bullied DJ and Wagner all game. What goes around comes around. Meeks beast the boards all game and the refs were not going to bail out Oregon in that situation.


Yea those weren’t fouls. The refs were horrible the last ten minutes. So many bad calls both ways


Worst championship game ever? Sounds crazy considering it’s a competitive game but this is unwatchable. Neither team can make a shot and the officials are calling everything this half after calling nothing for most the first half.


Yes, it’s nearly unwatchable.


Worst ref job I’ve seen in such a big game. Just terrible all around.