2017 NCAA Tournament Games Thread

Didn’t see a specific games thread for the tournament so I thought I would start one to discuss the actual games.

Notre dame currently up 6 on Princeton at the half. Really liked notre dames draw but Princeton is giving them a game.

Unc-Wilmington taking it to Virginia about halfway thru the first half 23-11. Wanted to pick uncw to make a run this year but thought this was a terrible matchup for them. Thought Virginia would control the pace but so far uncw has sped up Virginia. If thy can get out of this game could definitely see uncw in the sweet sixteen.


Virginia ends the half on a huge run to take the lead. Very oddly paced half but seems like Virginia has it back more towards their tempo.

Princeton is down 6 despite gong 6-22 from 3. Getting some good looks too. Pretty much exactly the game they wanted except for a couple more shots to go down. Could be a fun last 10 minutes.

Nice little start by the Jackrabbits. #Kissofdeath

Wow, ND just dodged a bullet. Missed front end of the 1-and-1 by Farrell and Princeton had a great look from 3 that wouldn’t drop.

Shot looked off release too. Thought it was going down. Great showing by Princeton though.

Princeton shoots 26% from 3 too. ND really has to feel relieved after that one.

Completely agree. Just saw that stat. ND with a huge sigh of relief after that game!

Gonzaga again proving how “great” their record makes them look v. reality.


If only SDSU were hitting their threes at a higher clip…

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Fun thought - when he announced he was transferring from Mizzou I wanted Williams III to land at Michigan. I think he flirted with MSU but we didn’t even get a look. Then I was bummed. Now, after this year with the development of DJ, I’m totally fine with how that ended up.

I bet if JB was coaching Virginia that they’d be up more than 2 on UNCW. :slight_smile:

Yea, it hasn’t even been an inspired performance from the jack rabbits at all. Gonzaga just looks very average.

Billy would have the scouting report on his alma mater on lock.

Well, Virginia is going to survive. Big time comeback after being down double-digits in the first half.

That hurts my bracket. I have a lot of chalk and need the upsets I did pick to come through.

Yeah, good come back by UVA. Tony Bennett is a good coach, but watching them play offense or break the press is no fun. Only 8 TOs though so the results were there.

Winthrop pushing the pace is giving Butler some struggles right now. Winthrop down 7 after Butler was just up double-digits. I believe it’s currently a 9-0 run for Winthrop.

And just after I thought Winthrop was going to get back into it, Butler went on a run of their own. Lead is now 17 with under 7 to play.

Not much going on now as it looks like butler has put away Winthrop and gonzaga starting to assert themselves a bit against sdsu.

The 4 pm games are interesting with a couple big ten teams. Mtsu should be able to give Minnesota a game and I have no idea how vandy-northwestern will go.