Tulsa Discussion

Tulsa’s biggest advantage may be their experience. They start 4 seniors and a junior. By contrast, we have no seniors and only Irvin and Walton have played in this tournament before.
I hope the last two years of B1G tournament play will serve as our tournament prep.

What do you guys think the crowd will be like? Maybe ~75% M fans?

Tulsa is a poor 3 point shooting team.

Correct. Someone said they’ll be playing a lot of 1-3-1 zone against us. So we will be getting a lot of corner 3s if they do.

I was saying that we’d be running it. They run zone quite a bit and I’m familiar with Haith from his Mizzou days but I don’t think he’s able to teach an effective 1-3-1 and he’d be crazy to put it out there against us with his smaller lineup.

Anyone want to predict the score on this one?

66-63 Michigan

71-59 Michigan

Michigan 73
Tulsa 55

Michigan 72
Tulsa 68

73-59 Michigan.

Tulsa just seems kind of bad.

Man, I hope you guys are right. I’m much more hesitant due to all of the dribble drive attacking Tulsa employs with its four guards.

Be interesting to see if Donnal can go awhile on the hard hedge before the obligatory auto bench rears its ugly head again. Hope the refs let em play.

Gotta hope our perimeter D is up to the task tonight. History against these kind of teams leaves me still wondering.

Hard hedge is silly against a team that can’t shoot. JB needs to emply soft hedge to encourage midrange jumpshot and avoid putting bigs in bad spots to rotate on drives.

Have they ever soft hedged on any team?? I don’t think they have. They hedge all the way out to half court.

So agree Matt. Unfortunately I’ve come to accept it will probably be the status quo again tonight. HATE the hard hedge, especially with our bigs.

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That is just poor coaching…no other way to put it. Hard hedging with guys that move with cement feet in conjunction with a total lack of backside rotations is just downright foolishness. We need to utilize a bend but don’t break approach because our team is slow as heck, but instead we hedge Donnal 25feet away from the basket…

I really believe we are vulnerable tonight because of this issue. Our quicks and lateral agility may again be exposed on D.

We are SO DUE to be hot from 3 though. Maybe this is the game. We shall see.

I’m hoping we can rotate our 5s a little more tonight so that they have fresh legs for Friday (obviously meaning I hope we’re in a leading position to do so). Wouldn’t mind seeing Donnal only play 20-25 tonight, with Moe and Doyle getting a lot of run.

I want Doyle hard hedging to half court, it’ll be a good 8-9 seconds before he gets back to the basket.