Tulsa Discussion

Michigan and ND are the exact same teams running similar stuff

Gotta win this game, that’s all there is to it. Super difficult to go to Brooklyn and face a rested and prepared Notre Dame team though. IF we win.

That would be our 5th game in eight days. Very difficult assignment for this team, especially the way they’ve shot it from deep the last month.

Indy for four days, travel to Dayton for a late nighter, then ( maybe ) fly to Brooklyn and play on one days rest while traveling. Tough, tough assignment.

Hey we’re in though. Go Blue!

I’ve only watched ND twice this year…but I agree. The major difference is Colson and Auguste will absolutely abuse Duncan and Irvin on the glass…their motors are just on different levels in relation to Duncan and Zak.

KenPom basically has it as a pick em too. I guess I just don’t see it. I was thrilled to see Tulsa.

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Only problem is Auguste is way better not than donnall. Their pf is scrappy to but small. I really think the committee just makes fun match ups as opposed to ranking teams and spreading it fairly.

Committee makes fantastic match ups on styles. It’s why the tourney is so crazy. The basketball minds in that room are insane.

The difference being a guy like Zach Auguste.

Easy to pair like teams. Id rather shoot for fairness though. Would make for better late round games instead of first few rounds

Agree with post above, basketball is a game of matchups, and we couldn’t asked for a better matchup with Tulsa. I also like our matchup with ND too.

What is interesting is just a year or 2 ago we would have loved to get a matchup with WV a team that would live off of TO. (We destroyed the VCU types of the world) But how things have changed in 2 years… I look at a team like WV and think we could get run out of the gym. Hoping they get upset!

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Let’s get to west va first!

I’m pretty nervous about Tulsa even though I know we have the better team and coach.

Single elimination anxiety. Even when you have the matchup advantage, all it takes is a bad game to blow it. Things set up nicely for us to make a possible run. But we’ve gotta execute.

I’m relatively confident in a victory over Tulsa. If there were ever a tailor made matchup for us with short notice…this is it. The quick turnaround for a potential matchup with ND is problematic though, hard to adequately prepare any defense (especially a poor defense) for a great offense in 36hours.

I agree. And if we do get by Tulsa, I fear that Auguste would feast on us down low. He’s a tenacious rebounder and good finisher. Colon is also a junkyard dog. He gets a lot of garbage points. Jackson is quick and strong, and we’d have a hard time keeping him out of the lane. Their other 2 starters are basically just shooters, and they don’t really have any impact players coming off the bench. It’s a winnable game, but it would be tough.

It’s all moot if we don’t beat Tulsa, though.

What pumps me up about Tulsa and if we do win Notre Dame is their three point defense. Both are horrible at it and if we get hot we can win big vs both.

Here’s the reason I have hope with ND…teams with poor defense generally allow the opponent to hang around (we should know), and we just have to hope we can hang with ND and steal one within the last 3-4 minutes. That potential game has shootout written all over it. Have serious concerns about foul trouble with Donnal and Irvin though.

i just hope we beat Tulsa.

I’m pretty pumped for a potential Friday night game. Though I might be in rough shape. Big crew of us starts at noon on Friday. Great times

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Hopefully them playing four guards will not expose our woefully inadequate perimeter defense. Teams that effectively attack off the bounce are historically not good news for our team D.

If they can consistently out quick us when in dribble drive attack mode,it will be a very difficult assignment for the majority of our laterally challenged slow foot defenders. We shall see.

Be prepared to see the 1-3-1.

Corner 3s all day then