Tulsa Discussion

Anyone watch any of their games this year? How do we match up?

They did go to SMU and win there…

No idea how.

Tulsa has no big guy worth a crap. Very guard oriented.

They just lost by 22 to Memphis. We should win this by 10+

I see 9 seniors on their roster. They are 2 spots behind us on KenPom. Seem to be well balanced in terms of offense/defense… not a team that really excels or is lacking on one side of the ball or the other. Looking at their three most recent games, they have gone with a different starting lineup in each game. They don’t play anyone taller than 6’9".

Tulsa seems custom made for us…242nd in offensive reb% at 23.3. I’ll take that…


Perfect matchup for us. Do we play wednesday then Thursday or Friday?

Wednesday then Friday if they win.

If they win two games press Virginia is looming. Need an upset. That press scare the hell out of me with our guard play

We should be 10+ pt favorites vs Tulsa, then against ND, that game could end up being a pickem by tip.

It opened up as a pickem. Quickly bet up to -1.5. Haven’t looked recently to see how high it was best up since.

Still find it weird that a 20-win Tulsa ranked 58 in RPI got in over a 25-9 San Diego State ranked 41 (#2 in AdjD per KenPom), although I guess Tulsa has a bunch of top 100 wins, which seem to count for a lot.

Guess we dodged a bullet there… or someone thought M/Notre Dame would draw good ratings in Round 1.

Where did you see this Matt? I’m shocked we aren’t heavy favorites?

I’ll take Michigan -1.5 all day.

This isn’t a good sign for any Michigan fan^^^^^^^^

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Someone on Twitter. I think it was Drew Hallet from the maize & brew board.

Tulsa 53rd in KP offensive rating, 84th in KP defensive rating. In other words, slightly above average offense, below average defense…I’ll take that matchup all day long, especially considering they don’t hit the glass.

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The more I look at Tulsa and ND, the better I feel.

Who knows, maybe west va gets upset. Who knows, maybe we upset west va. Just get past Tulsa!!! I’m so pumped.

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If Monmouth can beat Notre Dame, so can Michigan… right?

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Thing of beauty…Tulsa doesn’t start a single player over 6’7. This seems like a favorable matchup for us on paper.

ND is 2014 UM…10 on KP Offensive Rating and 172(!) on KP Defensive Rating. That game would be the ultimate shootout.


Very poor man’s 2014 UM

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