Tracking Michigan Coaches in July


In the “noteable responses” section of your lastest recruiting article.

You said you like him as a prospect yet you “go back and forth on his fit” and “if Michigan should really pursue him.”

I agree and have the same hesitations.


Searching Twitter for Beilein isn’t nearly as easy this week after the contract extension was announced today :slight_smile:


Looks like Max Christie (2021) and Ethan Morton (2020) are also playing.


Are those three playing on courts side by side? Morton NY Rens, Christie Ill Wolves,and Johnson Phenom


Looks like it was Christie vs Johnson. I think the Rens might have played earlier.


Michigan, not Beilein, was watching Beverly tonight.

Hanging out in the stands to see him play were Michigan State’s Tom Izzo, Baylor’s Scott Drew, Xavier’s Travis Steele, Purdue’s Matt Painter and assistant coaches from at least Missouri, Florida, VCU, Nebraska, Northwestern, Michigan and VCU among others.

In a bit of a grind it out game, Beverly impressed with a few high level awareness plays down the stretch and showed that he can play the one or the two. It’s that versatility that has the coaches coming back.

Beverly told me that he felt like Baylor, Texas, Xavier, Michigan State and Florida were among those that he felt were doing a good job of making him a priority. However, he was also pretty clear that he’s not yet made any kind of decisions – other than removing Ohio State who would have gotten a visit had they not landed five-star D.J. Carton – about where he for sure wants to visit.

“I’m not going to make any decisions on official visits until I get down South,” said Beverly. "I think I have to report to Montverde by like August 14th and once I get down there we’ll start to figure that all out.


Sounds like Beverly very much noticed where he was in Michigan’s pecking order. Definitely the tough part about losing someone you invested so much in, as we saw in previous recruiting years. Thankfully we’'ve casted a bit of a bigger net than previously


Yeah I don’t think we have much of shot at all with him.


Just got word from Cole Bajema that Beilein was there to watch him play this morning at 9 am out in California at the West Coast Elite Summer Classic.

Update/highlights from earlier this week:


Sounds like serious interest. An obvious Trust In Beilein will have to suffice from me.


I know his HS comp was not great, but with that kind of size as a combo, he’s definitely intriguing.


Should hopefully have some Bajema video from this weekend for you guys in the next couple of days.


Kevin Huerter 2.0 down the road? Hey, a fan can dream.


Any idea on what type of numbers Bajema posted today in-front of Coach B. ?


Out in California watching adidas team from the Pittsburgh area (2020 guys playing up)


Or Duncan Robinson 2.0


I read that Izzo just offered Timme