Tracking Michigan Coaches in July

Watching Josh Green again

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Is it fair to assume JB’s presence for Watts means Carton has not told any team’s of his decision, yet? I always wonder just how much of a heads up, if any, coaches typically get before a commitment

Pretty sure Carton’s visit wrapped up today at Ohio State and the plan is to go home and start the decision-making process this weekend. I don’t think any school knows what he’s going to do.

This is a very different situation than Jalen Wilson where it was pretty clear what was going to happen, the announcement just needed to be scheduled.

That being said, Beilein would probably be at a The Family 17U game at some point throughout the weekend regardless. 2020 big man Isaiah Jackson is on that team and they are one of the best programs in the state that you always want to show some love to.


Sounds like Timme has been killin it in this tournament

Beilein watching five-star Josh Green on West Coast Elite and four-star guard Lester Quinones on New Heights.

2020 PG Wendell Green Jr.

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Not sure who they are watching but Suggs and Dainja are the real deal

@hoops4hire: No Michigan listed there.

I’m seeing things this weekend…

I wish we’d prioritize him he’s one of my favorites in the class. Coach b and him would be unreal

Rocket Watts, Isaiah Jackson, etc.


A few mentions at adidas in NYC.

@BP3: How did Harlond Beverly play this week?

He did alright. I don’t think he had one entire game though where he was dominant. Just stretches. But when he turned it on he was impressive. He shot a few too many 3s but made some clutch ones when it mattered in the tourney. He’s improved a lot there but it’s still not his game. He’s best attacking the hoop and playmaking for teammates. One thing he did seem to have was a clutch factor. He made some big defensive plays and shots or assists in crucial moments. REACH Legends ended up winning the 17u Invitational.


Dylan, Im with you on just not seeing a fit for a kid like Beverley.

Where did I say that?

FYI I think DeAndre Haynes was in Seattle the last couple of days. I believe he was attending this showcase:

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