Report: John Beilein interviews for Detroit Pistons coaching job


OK, I’m just gonna say this. Coach B is NOT taking the Pistons coaching job! If, somehow, some way, he does, I will be incredibly disappointed, and I love Coach B!


This sets Michigan up to be recruited negatively too. There isn’t much a coach can use against Beilein, but he has opened the door for the NBA stuff every cycle now.


I thought about that as well.


I’m hoping this is all part of Beilein’s plan to leverage the NBA intrigue into more recruiting success. If he comes back it can only help the program.


Or, kids could be worried that JB could leave for the NBA at any time now.


One thing to think about is that the Pistons have pursued Beilein and not the other way around. I don’t think the spot is ideal for him with the way their roster is set up but most coaches don’t exactly go into ideal situations unless you are Steve Kerr.

With that being said, players and recruits have to understand that he could make the same jump that they want to make. It’s the only next logical step. I like what @bebopson just said that it gives him a little upper hand into what NBA franchises are looking for.

You never know what will happen but I know the NBA intrigues Beilein. I believe Woj wrote an article about it a while back when he was still at Yahoo (maybe around the time that UM went to the National Championship game the first time).



Maybe in your mind it does. This Piston issue will be resolved long before any current recruits need to make a decision. Izzo has been courted several times and still manages to recruit top talent.
Michigan could also use it as an advantage. Come to UM and play for a guy who is so good even the NBA wants him. Or, go play for that other school that is coached by a guy nobody wants.



Some interesting nuggets in here:

  • A nice compliment (“tremendous pedigree”)
  • Noting that Beilein has not fully committed himself to this pursuit
  • The notion that Beilein has had NBA overtures in the past


So, according to this, Coach B is flying out to L.A. to meet with MSU alum, Tom Gores, about the head coaching job for his team, the Pistons, which doesn’t even have a GM or President yet? OK. Good luck with that.


Why is Gores talking to any potential coaches without a front office staff in place? That alone, would make me question the wisdom of working for the man.


I hope the Piston don’t pick JB and I hope he doesn’t leave UM


I think this is a win for both Coach B and Michigan Basketball. No doubt in my mind he comes away with a higher profile which recruits like and more money to be spread around to he and his staff.

In the end its short term drama for long term gain.


Look, none of us know him real well personally but given everything we know of the man does anyone here really think if he’s actually considering this he’d be so callous as to throw out a line like “That’s not the Pistons, is it?”. Everything we know tells us 1. He doesn’t throw away words without thought/purpose and 2. He is aware enough to know that if he does this he’d be crushing a big part of the fan base.

He wouldn’t do it and joke on the way out the door. He’s staying.


While I find that logic compelling, there is always the possibility that he currently thinks he is staying – and has thought that all along – but is ultimately swayed by the Pistons if they decide he is the candidate they must have and are willing to do anything to get.


This is in regards to the possible upcoming meeting with Gores





seems like we are mostly in the clear.