Report: John Beilein interviews for Detroit Pistons coaching job



That’s one hell of an endorsement, though I hope no other franchises get any bright ideas!


This just in - “we’re hearing Brad Stevens wants the Michigan job and tried using his burner account to tout current coaches credentials so the space would open up” - news at 11. sadly said no one ever.


Wait, why is that tweet from the future?


Some kind of time zone thing when tweets are embedded on the forum. I’ll try to figure out why.


I’ve got to assume Casey is their top choice. This is a guy with lots of NBA head coaching experience and is coming off three straight 50-win seasons (including 59 this year). If you’re the Pistons, that’s a pretty nice hire to make. Do you really turn him down for a coach with no pro experience at all?


except Casey might want to sit out a year to collect his salary from Toronto and wait for a better opening in the next round.

Beilein does not desperately want the job either. He is very comfortable at Michigan with a strong returning squad and one of his best recruiting class coming in, and a lot of wind behind him for 2019. If Warde throws him a big extension package, he is hard to move for Pistons.


Wojo makes good points here, I’m breathing easier…



Oh thank god!


As I stated a few days ago everyone should move away from the ledge. Now lets carry on with bringing in recruits.