Report: John Beilein interviews for Detroit Pistons coaching job


If he did leave, it will be really interesting what direction we go in. With Charles back and the incoming recruting class and where the program is at, I would not be shocked if yaklich was the choice. That’s a huge jump from Illinois state assistant to hc at Michigan in 2 years but unless we can get a Greg marshall(probably a good time to nab him but not sure of his fit because he relies on jucos and his wife is crazy) or tony bennett(long shot but he’s from the Midwest & um can pay more). Is a lavall Jordan(would be surprised if he left after a year and despite his um ties he doesn’t have very much of a relationship with the current players or staff) or ed Cooley type of hire really worth upsetting the direction of the program.


We all agree his X and Os are top notch and SHOULD translate, but if you step back, would it really?

He puts his money on a slower tempo. It was a big adjustment going from 35 to 30 seconds for him. How much can he adjust if he went to the 24 second shot clock?


I think he’s smart enough to adjust but it still comes down the players. That’s who wins. The Pistons have a pretty mediocre roster with a diastrous cap situation. Their ceiling is probably being a lower level playoff team.

Van Gundy is a good coach. That wasn’t the problem. The problem was the roster he put together.


That’s my biggest hesitation, its not usually good strategy to go slow in thr NBA. however he’s also shown that he can adjust to getting better athletes.


Tactically, he could match wits with any NBA coach. But I’m wondering how his love of teaching fundamentals would fit with the pros. Can you tell a player who earns more money than you to hit the stairs for throwing a chest pass poorly?


Is it a contract year?


Again, I think it’s worth mentioning that the two most senior positions in the Pistons front office are currently unfilled.

If they were to hire Beilein, Kidd, Howard, or anyone else until they are filled that would mean:

  1. The coach is willing to work for a Front Office with no investment or agency in their tenure - they will not be the Front Office’s “guy”. This would immediately put their career in more jeapordy than it ought to be, before they coached a game.

  2. The GM/President of Operations they hire would need to be willing to take the job without having had input in the most important hire such a job makes.

I’m not sure what coach is willing to live under scenario 1 (very few) and what GM is willing to live under scenario 2 (basically none).

The only way it would work is if they decide to give Ed Stefanski - who they just hired as the #3 role, the #1 role.

Having listened to Beilein talk about his career arc, it doesn’t shock me he’s interested. Nor do I share the skepticism of some about his ability to reach pro players (pros these days aren’t like the Iverson days - they are insanely professional). Nor am I saying he won’t be the coach of the Pistons.

I do think it’s very unlikely that it occurs prior to some other events happening - events that haven’t yet happened.


With all due respect to Brendan, his disregard on Beilein’s age not being an issue again is laughable.

To my knowledge, there’s only been three people who have coached in the NBA at 70+: Nelson and the two Browns. Hubie was the oldest hire ever at 69. It’s ridiculous to gloss over it like he did.

From a Pistons perspective, what’s your goal? You’re not winning a title the next 4-5 years, which is presumably Beilein’s years left coaching. You don’t have a young team he can come in to be their best teacher. Your cap situation and roster puts your ceiling as a low tier playoff team. You really should be in full rebuild mode if you’re smart.

Hence, all why hiring a 65 year old coach is laughable. Quinn can spin it however he wants.


One thing to consider in all of this us that Trajan Langdon would probably love to have beilein. Just a guess, but the Nets have made comments in the past about Michigan players being ready for the NBA and my money is on Langdon being the front runner for the front office spot, with maybe Prince or Malik Rose serving as a part of the group.


With the Pistons cap situation getting a coach that develops players is the best way to go since they can’t improve much via free agency and won’t have top 10 picks. Everything they do will likely have to be from within such as getting luke kennard and Stanley Johnson to reach their max potential.

I can see where the pistons would want beilein to come in and develop the talent to see how far this group can go. Then, after 3-5 years have Juwann ready to take over after learning from Beilein. Doesn’t make much sense for John in my opinion, but I can see the rationale from the Pistons side.


The issue is even if Beilein would be a home run hire, that team’s ceiling is low tier playoff. That is the absolute worst situation you want to be in the NBA.

The only two people he could really help you for down the road is Kennard and Johnson. Johnson is probably a reach as someone with a higher ceiling.

They really should be tanking to be honest. The ideal hire would be a young coach who can stick around if he succeeds.


I don’t think the pistons roster situation matches JB’s style either. Best shooters on the roster are Reggie Bullock & Luke Kennard. Other than that, Drummond, Griffin, Jackson (who are all basically locked in) can’t shoot. Stanley Johnson can’t shoot. By the time the roster changed to fit JB’s style, he would be nearing retirement age.

I hope he gets that extension soon and retires a Wolverine.



Yeah - the Pistons job sucks. They have $80 million committed a year to three non-All-Stars that have millstone contracts. Best case is a. 7 seed and an evisceration at the hands of the Sixers.


Im still kind of perplexed about this whole situation. For all intents and purposes, Coach B seemed like the guy that had unyielding loyalty to UM. I know he hasn’t (and most likely) won’t be departing, but even just interviewing for a different job seems very out of character.


If someone wants to talk you listen. You guys need to get off the ledge as I don’t see JB leaving but if he did whose fault would that be. Warde Manuel has done a lot of talking about securing JB but talk is cheap.


It doesn’t hurt to kick the tires.


Everyone would blame Warde but if JB truly wants to go to the Pistons there’s nothing he can really do.


I just do not see him making that move. The job is one that has way too many hurdles, cap space, current roster and long term contracts all make for a job that will only be filled with someone out of a job or looking for first head coaching job.

As mentioned above probably just took the interview to be respectful.



We are closing in on the point to discuss:

1.) who will fill the job? Internal I would assume.

2.) impact on Jalen Wilson’s commit?

3.) how it will impact recruits like DJ? We seem like his leader but Beilein leaving could knock us back even as other coaches on the staff are involved in his recruiting.

I’ve never cheered for Casey to get a job so much!