Report: John Beilein interviews for Detroit Pistons coaching job


No. Please god no.

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This has to be a negotiating tactic to wrap up his extension, right?

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I just can’t see him leaving, but honestly, if I’m Miller or Holtmann or someone recruiting against him, I’m making sure Carton sees this ASAP. Bummer that this is a thing at all.

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Woah, please no!

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PLEASE NO! Such a great week for Michigan hoops…until this :frowning:

I don’t think this ever happens but what a weird time for him to consider this with Matthews and Wilson both in

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The negotiating tactic side of this just does not scream John Beilein to me



Maybe he just really really always wanted a chance to coach Luke Kennard after all


Beilein apparently doesn’t have an agent either so this was all him.


Don’t get me wrong, this would be awful. But at the same time having Yaklich waiting in the wings, it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. I think we could retain any recruits…Wilson is the only one not signed to a LOI right? And Yaklich was the main recruiter.

All that said, I really really hope this doesnt happen.

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My initial reaction was that he wanted to get more money in his extension talks, but you’re right about this. Maybe he realizes he is in his 60’s and if he had ever thought about coaching at the highest level, now is the time.

You can tell Beilein has a different motivation right now. You see it in recruiting and kind of from his vibe. He seemed to have gotten a second wind in his career. That’s why I asked how long we expect him to coach.

Still fully shocked this is even a thing. I just cannot in any way seeing him as a professional coach, especially at his age. It’s almost laughable in a way.

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Imagining him coaching Blake Griffin is just mind-numbing to me

From the newly filed story on “Beilein, who has twice led the Wolverines to the national championship game, has long harbored intrigue with the NBA, sources said.”

But also this:

That was the other thought I had. I dont actually think that Beilein wants to go to Pistons and I’m not sure he’d be the Pistons top choice, but you are right he might think this might be his only chance to at least explore an NBA job.

I just can’t see this. Matthews coming back, Wilson committing…blindsided! I don’t think it comes to him leaving but after dealing with so many early departures the last few years, never thought Beilein might be one of them.

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They met two weeks ago supposedly, if he was considering it I’m sure it would have leaked. Plus he doesn’t seem like he would hide it from guys making decisions. While maybe Matthews would have returned either way due to draft position I don’t think Wilson commits if Beilein leaving was in play.

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It’s a message board so I assume I can just speculate freely. Juwan Howard’s up for the job, so maybe Beilein put in a good word for him during the interview or later on?