Report: John Beilein interviews for Detroit Pistons coaching job


I think there might be some struggle to get NBA players to buy into his focus on basic fundamentals


I agree 100% with Vitale on this one! But then I don’t know why anyone would want to coach professional athletes, especially when one has one of the best college coaching jobs in America. Warde, lock JB up for life! :slightly_smiling_face::wink::slightly_smiling_face:


I absolutely don’t want JB to leave but pro coaches don’t have to recruit, get paid huge $, and coach the best players in world.


I don’t agree but I see what you’re saying. He doesn’t like 1 and dones because there’s no longevity. In the NBA he’d have multiple years to develop something. I think he’s a perfect fit for NBA which is why this scares me. I really hope he stays because a National title is in our future if he does.


We can throw the word “recruit” out if we want. I’m not saying he can’t or doesn’t want any one and dones, or he can’t recruit them. Rather, most one and dones don’t fit the culture he’s created and the type of person that fits his program.

Beilein’s personality and style is perfect for Michigan and Michigan’s culture is perfect for Beilein. There’s a reason he rarely (if ever?) has to deal with bad apples in his program. He best succeeds when he finds those that want to learn, play as a team, enjoy the college experience/education and represent Michigan/program well on AND off the court. If a one and done fits that, yes I know he would recruit them and can recruit them. Most I don’t believe do.

I think most on this forum understand he’s trying to find players who cross off all the above and can win. His bottom-line isn’t just to win at all costs while throwing the bullets above out the door. That’s why, I personally don’t think he’d be a fit at a Kentucky or a Kansas type program either, let alone the NBA.

See above.


I pretty much agree with all the points you make except your conclusion. I think what he is looking for in college recruits doesn’t apply to the NBA, it’s a different ballgame. Beilein is smart enough to know what the personal and character issues will be.
Having said all that, I think he would be happier at Michigan and will likely stay here.


I honestly don’t know how anyone could spend more money than the $3.37 million Coach B already makes. I really don’t. You are right in that they don’t have to recruit, although I personally would love it. I really would. I’d be REALLY good at schmoozing kids and their parents, although I must admit that the sleaziness of it with many programs would be difficult to take or to compete with.

As far as the “best players in the world,” you are right. They are. They are unbelievably good. I believe, along with professional hockey players, they are the best athletes in the world and do absolutely amazing things with their bodies. I also think many of them are prima donnas, and frankly, I’d personally have no interest in being surrounded with prima donnas and trying to get them on the same page and have them play together as a team.

They also play an 82 game schedule in the NBA plus exhibition games, so they really should be paid more since their season is longer.

I just don’t know what could be better than coaching at the University of Michigan, or another of the other great universities in this country, molding the lives of young men, helping them grow to adulthood, being one of the most highly respected coaches in America, AND being paid three or four or five million dollars for the privilege of doing that. Coach B is a great coach and an even better person, but I personally believe he should, and I’m sure he does, feel Blessed to be the coach at Michigan.

I’ve long been a Pistons fan. I used to take my son to Piston games, just as I took him to Michigan games. One birthday, I think he was 10 or 12, I took him and one of his friends to Ann Arbor, a two hour drive, for a Michigan basketball game. We waited in the tunnel after the game for autographs, and then we drove to the Silverdome to catch a Pistons game, and then 2 1/2 hours home. But, I agree with Dick Vitale. I think Michigan is a better job. So, Warde, pay him whatever it takes, but as I said before, lock JB up for life! I really think we should start that campaign in AA, “Lock up JB for life.!”

Lock up JB for life! Lock up JB for life!! Lock…up…JB…for…LIFE!!!


I still have a hard time seeing him coach NBA players and overseeing that culture. However, I fully acknowledge I may be 100% dead wrong and you may be 100% right that he would succeed. I will say I hope we don’t find out!

The part that’s laughable to me about this, and I honestly laughed out loud when I first read it, is the timing of it all with his age. I just, in no way, see him making the jump and being a good hire (from a Pistons perspective) given his age. Heck we’re all over here wondering how much longer he was going to coach in general, so going from that to first time coaching in NBA makes it seem crazy. Maybe 10-15 years ago it made full sense to give it a shot.


I think the point made by Brandon Quinn about getting the asst coaches more money is right on track and would be an Important issue to be met for JB.


Kidd would be an awful hire


Yeah. No disrespect to Bacari and LaVall, but I really like the coaching staff we have now. They need to do everything in their power to keep them intact as long as possible. It’s not like they don’t have the money.


what might have already happened is that some big donors saw the news and called up Manuel, telling him to lock Beilein up and they will write a check.


I actually think he would be very good.

His offensive mind would be great for the NBA.

And while he rides his players hard to do things right (like Pat Riley did), he’s not an in-your-face screamer like Tom Izzo.

Having said that, I’m very hopeful he comes back to Michigan.


They both moved up to head coaching positions, so kind of hard to disparage their capabilities (Bacari’s off-court issues notwithstanding).


Uh FWIW, I don’t have anything against either of those guys. LaVall is doing well at Butler. Bacari, it is what it is. But we got to a championship game with them, and almost won. I just really like the guys we have now as well. Particularly Yaklich’s attention to detail, and the improvements on the defensive side of the ball.


FWIW, very trusted mgoblog poster umbig11 (100% has insider connections and has been correct at a Sam Webb level percentage wise) said “On good authority he was not offered the job.” That doesn’t tell the whole story regarding the true reason behind this meeting, but I wouldn’t be too worried at this point.


Still, I’d rather we keep Beilein because we’re doing right by him and the staff rather than he wants to be somewhere else but didn’t get the opportunity.


Good read here from Brendan.


It would be cold-blooded for JB to leave for the NBA right after Charles eschews the draft.


The fact that he hasn’t been offered the job yet doesn’t mean much. He just interviewed on Thursday and we know the Pistons reportedly interviewed Kidd yesterday and have interviews lined up for this coming week with Juwan Howard and two Spurs asst coaches.

The Pistons are clearly still undecided. I’m also not buying that this interview was solely for creating leverage in negotiating a new contract with Michigan. I’m sure there is genuine intrigue about coaching in the NBA especially in a job where he doesn’t have to uproot his family. That’s why he interviewed. Not for money since I don’t think there will be a big difference at all in pay between the two jobs.

At the end of the day, I would be surprised if he left but I don’t think we are out of the woods yet.