Report: John Beilein interviews for Detroit Pistons coaching job


Sorry for the delay getting to this one guys… Was on vacation over the last week and of course was on a 5 hour flight. Land to see this news and that my connection is canceled :slight_smile:


The tickets they are hawking are mostly corners and end zone in the upper bowl. I haven’t seen any lower bowl tickets available.


Warde Manual needs to be aggressive here and get something done. I guarantee every school with every recruit we are in on is already using this.

He did a great job with the hockey hire, but this will be what he is remembered for. Lock JB up long term, pay the assistants what they are worth and we all move forward without a hitch.

Let this linger and possibly lose JB because of it, David Brandon won’t be my least favorite AD ever anymore.


Pretty sure Harbaugh negotiated a total budget and then he slices and decides the pie as he sees fit to get the best assistants. Which according to reports is why his staff is among the highest paid in the country.


There is a good article in the FreePress by Shawn Windsor on coach B and the Piston.

Hope this link works…


Well crap, now I want him to make the Pistons good too. Can he coach both?


He’s perfect for today’s NBA game. I don’t know what your watching out there. He would do awesome.


Totally agree


Per reports, the Pistons are interviewing Jason Kidd today for their head coaching job. It’s quite a diverse list with Kidd, Kenny Smith, Beilein, Juwan Howard and Dwane Casey. Maybe they want to go outside the box but Casey seems the safe pick based on his track record.



X and Os, yes he is. I admitted that.

It’s the other aspects of the job where I think he’d be terrible for the NBA.

In all honesty, he’s implied this already anyway. He doesn’t recruit one and dones.


Brown, Barrett, Bamba, Booker, etc…


Ward Manuel redo JB’s contract now. You said you would do that to keep John the rest of his career. You have the money. John Beilein has done much more with basketball the past three years than John Harbaugh has done with football. This IS a BASKETBALL SCHOOL also.


Brown and Bamba first showed the interest. Booker wasn’t seen as a one and done?

Barrett yeah, there’s one.


I hope this is all fake news and I wake up tomorrow with JB as the UM coach for life.


Doesn’t really matter who shows interest, saying he doesn’t recruit one and dones at this point isn’t correct.



Yeah I can see my comment being taken that way. I added no context.

It wasn’t the point I was trying to make. I was trying to allude to the fact those aren’t the types of players he goes after. Not for any inability to recruit but because that’s not really what he wants with a college player. That’s all he’s going to deal with in the pros.


So you still haven’t said why he wouldn’t be a good NBA Coach.

NBA coaches don’t recruit one and dones either.


So, you think Beilein wouldn’t want an NBA team full of one and done players? That makes no sense to me.