Report: John Beilein interviews for Detroit Pistons coaching job


I can’t see Beilein’s style meshing well with the ridiculous egos that many NBA players have.


TFW John Beilein makes you practice pivoting for 3 hours straight


Exactly! I 100% agree.


I’m going to go with the random take that this was not an interview, but a consultation on his thoughts on the game and what type of coach they should be going after (JB has been ahead of the curve on what is now today’s style of NBA ball IMO). I just can’t fathom a scenario where Beilein would leave this program.


I’m not overreacting at this point. I have a hard time seeing someone who started as a teacher in high school while coaching and who has always touted “teaching” not just “coaching” as making the jump at a time like this. He is on record saying that’s something he was looking for specifically with his assistant coaches (most recently with Yaklich) unless I’m horribly mistaken.

Time will tell though. Warde please pay the man and his assistants.


Well the Pistons just fired John Bower, their GM. So with him and Stan gone - the top two leadership roles in the Front Office, I’d guess they are weeks upon weeks away from hiring a coach, and will only do so after they fill their leadership roles.

In other words, if John interviewed, he did it with people who don’t have a job, or never had hiring authority.


Check out @Vincent_Ellis56’s Tweet:


The Pistons have to give him a look. Why, his offense, his success and his development. Is he really interested heck I have no idea. And, I really doubt it is the money. He is doing exactly what Charles Matthews just did. Learn.


I’m sorry, but I think Beilein would be a horrible hire for an NBA team. It has ZERO to do with the X and Os too.

Given his age and personality, I think it would be a terrible hire.

Either way, I honestly feel it’s a negotiating tactic and I think it’s an absolute brilliant move on his part if that is indeed the case.


Hard to believe this would be needed as a negotiating tactic. His record and success speaks for itself. I’m at a complete loss on this one. Just doesn’t seem an NBA type of guy. But what do I know.


First, I hope he doesn’t leave. He is 65, would the Piston want a coach that age coaching in the NBA for the first time ?

But there is no doubt in my mind he could be successful in the NBA. Brad Stevens has done well and I don’t believe Steve Kerr is a better coach than coach B. B make $3M/yr(?) at UofM but he could make double that in the NBA and would not have to recruit.


A week ago, Matthews sends out a tweet and this board goes nuts assuming he is staying in the NBA draft. Today, word is out that Beilein talked to the Pistons and people are all worried that he is leaving Michigan. Chill people!

After all that John Beilein has done for Michigan, if he wants to talk to the Pistons it is fine with me. He has earned the right to do what ever he wants to do. Maybe he just wanted the experience of interviewing for the job or talking to NBA people.


This may not all be about Beileins salary. Coach definitely seems to be a person who looks out for his own and this would qualify.


Michigan basketball must pay John Beilein, staff whatever they want


I wonder how much Michigan’s poor attendance causes them to cut corners on paying the assistants?


I would think most of the empty seats are 1) cheap nose bleeds or 2) the expensive, but paid-for, season ticket holders who dont show and dont sell forward


I think there are a good amount of lower bowls that also don’t sell either. There have been times where they have been hawking season tickets very very late.


The Pistons don’t have a top executive or a number two executive.

They aren’t hiring anyone without those people.


JB is not a materialistic dude, and he has more money than he’ll ever need. I think they’re consulting with him. How many players are breaking down the doors to play for the Pistons? It doesn’t work like that. I think he’d lose the essence of what makes him great, which is finding the sweet spot of skill, talent and attitude in his recruits and then making it work.


It’d be the most Beilein move ever to leverage the Pistons into doubling his staff’s pay and additional baseline for the Maize Rage, then pocket an extra 200k for all of the grandkids’ birthday presents