Recruiting Roundup: The latest on potential roster moves for 2019-20

If that is the case won’t every team pressure X like crazy even forcing the ball to someone else, in the big lineup who is alleviating that pressure? Some great discussion in April and will be an interesting few weeks.

I didn’t see a ton of games this year but read a couple places where there wasn’t as much of JBs off ball action, does that come more into play?

I’ve said before and I’ll say it again. If they want to come I’m all in with Quinones an Wagner.

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FWIW: Re Sparty; Ward staying in the draft and Winston returning to Izzo. I can just see Izzo crying on Winston’s shoulder begging him to come back.


Some of those folks may have it directly from Poole or his family, but you don’t have to go that far…both Hyland and Quinones (who are both clear guards, i.e. Poole replacements) have said point blank that there is an opportunity at Michigan because of attrition to the draft.

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I’ll be ecstatic if we land 2 of these guys!

If we whiff then I’d say faulds and Baird (or someone else) get a year on scholarship

My understanding is, Beilein can use Iggy’s and Poole’s scholarship how he sees fit and if later either Iggy or Jordan wants to return, if U-M can’t find a scholarship for them, then Iggy or Poole would be free to transfer without having to sit-out.

If that’s the case the last thing I’d want is to end up facing an angry Jordan Poole at some point during the season, I know he’d take all the bad shots, but he’d likely hit them all against us.

I’m surprised Michigan hasn’t kicked tires (or at least hasn’t publicly been linked to kicking tires) on former Vanderbilt F Matt Ryan. He would seem to be a prototypical Beilein taller shooting wing. Started his career at Notre Dame (was a key player in eliminating UM from the tourney), transferred to Vanderbilt and got caught in the wash of a poorly designed offensive system. But as a grad transfer, he should have the academics to qualify.

I saw him play several times in person this season. His shot looks fundamentally good; his 37-42% 3pt shooting at Notre Dame follow much more in line with the visual look of his shot than his struggles this season. He’s done it versus high major competition in the ACC & SEC. He’s not a “high ceiling” player, but he’s a relatively “high floor” player — very confident he can provide at worst 15-18 mins of average defense (more likely to guard the 4 than the 3) w/floor spacing shooting ability.

Another bread crumb:

Jordan charging $20 for shout-outs on Cameo (no, I’d never heard of Cameo before). That’s an impermissible benefit that Jordan is assuredly aware of.


I mentioned on the other thread that I checked it out. Seems to be legit. So therefore, yes, if I didn’t believe it before, I do now. He’s gone.

That’s weird…time stamp on @BP3’s post is meaningfully before mine, but I refreshed the board to make sure I wasn’t duplicating the “news” just prior to posting and that one didn’t load. Apologies for the unintentional duplicate!

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All good on my end. I don’t really care lol. I think you posted it in the correct thread to be fair. I wasn’t sure where to place it.

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Poole and his father seem to have an over inflated view of his abilities and/or issues with his role at Michigan. Either way most people close to the situation say he is definitely gone.

Or he dislikes school and wants money.


His Dad said he likes UM, the school. Seems pretty clear that something isn’t clicking basketball-wise.

TMI’s said a couple times that wanting to focus solely on basketball played a large part in his thought process.

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Not mutually exclusive. He can like school and still place a higher priority on basketball, which is sensible given his talent.

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my feeling is that Poole wants the ball more than he can get with X at point. would’ve worked out better with Walton


Yeah, exactly…

He might like “the school” but not like school itself and how it impedes basketball progress.

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