Recruiting Roundup: The latest on potential roster moves for 2019-20


Re Franz Wagner and Justin Pierce

Included some high school film of Bones in here. He’s a volume scorer in HS but definitely has some crazy range on his shot.


What about Hyland’s game/tape reminds you of MAAR?


I think it is mostly the fact that he’s not a point guard but he dominates the ball and then throws up a lot of shots that don’t look like great shots but go in.


Given our need for wings right now and the recruits coming in this summer, I think Franz is the single biggest upside target we need for the next 2 to 3 years. Pierce is the target we probably need most for 1 year. I feel better about landing Franz than I do either Quinones or Pierce. That said, Pierce is going to get the full attention and red carpet from Michigan this weekend. I would be shocked if we land Quinones given the other schools he is considering. I think Hyland is someone who we can get if we want but he will be played a bit slower than the others. It will be an interesting few weeks but I feel better about our options today than I did 2 weeks ago.


I was a surprised to hear Beilein groaning throughout his press conference, shouldn’t this be old hat by now? Seeing his schedule makes me understand it a little bit more, but there’s a fine line here. Michigan no doubt touts its NBA draft picks when recruiting, and it will be quick to claim any selections in this year’s draft. It’s a little disingenuous to also complain about the process.


Pierce is interesting. You could make a pretty convincing pitch that Michigan is the best of both worlds between Notre Dame and UNC. UNC might have more hoops prestige and he might like the fit and role at Notre Dame but Michigan can offer a better chance at high-level success and a more guaranteed role.


Whether you plan to send guys to the league or not, the uncertainty is the process I think is tough for everyone involved.


I don’t know his attraction to ND so I am guessing it is a catholic thing (which I understand). Does UNC have the need that Michigan has? I assume the playing time issue is a significant issue. If he is going to essentially start at UNC or Michigan, it might be a tough pull. I don’t know UNC’s roster so hard for me to gauge


I would add that because of the Poole situation combined with Iggy, it left a big hole for JB which might not have been fully expected. He is needing to add a recruit/transfer to cover this hole while helping these NBA draft hopefuls analyze their chances etc. Having 3 early entrants is a lot to deal with. Having to replace 1 or 2 of them adds a lot of recruiting to his plate. If we were losing just Poole and Matthews (as an example), JB would have an easier go of it right now. He would be looking at 1 recruit/transfer without having to fill a big hole in the lineup.


The addition of agents is also huge. Coaches used to handle managing workouts and stuff like that. Agents add a completely different element to the situation.


Yea, you could feel his pain, but I think it’s all about timing and the disregard for college hoops in general. The NBA (and player’s union) is all about the NBA and could care less about the recruiting process. I would like to see more collaboration between the two entities but that seems unlikely. This entire process is in transformation and difficult to manage not only for college coaches but for kids making college choices. Would a highly regarded wing want to commit to Michigan if JP returns? Who know’s, maybe they should open the draft and let them play college ball until they’re prepared. Time will tell!


Not sure if this has been discussed in another thread, but Dylan’s comments about combine invites got me wondering. I don’t really follow the NBA combine/draft nitty gritty so I looked it up.

Obviously Matthews is leaving and it seems pretty likely Iggy will get a combine invite. Poole will be interesting.

Combine invites are based on some sort of voting by NBA teams. About 60 players are invited each year. I can’t find the exact voting process but NBA teams choose who is invited.

What I found interesting is that there seems to be a new thing this year - a G-League camp for those not invited to the combine. The top performers (unclear how many) at the G-League camp will get invites to the combine.

In my opinion, I think the most likely route for Poole is a G-League camp invite with the chance to play himself into the combine.


Pierce is from metro Chicago. where ND is treated as a local school.


I assume that also means that coaches now have less feel for whether their players will stay or go.


UNC’s entire starting lineup (plus the top wing off the bench) is gone besides a generic center.


I would be completely shocked if Poole is not invited to the NBA combine.


I mean, my knowledge of the NBA draft class is minimal at best. But just the few things I’ve seen seem to rank him around the 60-70 best prospect. So it seems he’ll be right around the cut line.

I suppose the thing he has going for him if that’s actually true is that there’s probably some curiosity by NBA teams about his game where they’d be inclined to invite him so they could see firsthand.


In terms of next season, Pierce is my first overall choice. Next year has a chance to be special, and Pierce is the guy who can come in, fit in, and contribute immediately. A player capable of mastering the art of going for singles some might say.
Pierce is a bit of a point forward that knows how to play. I see minimal downside and a great, low risk, one year fit for the program. Worst case he doesn’t see a lot of minutes because other, younger guys, are better than he is (doubtful).


If both Poole and Brazdeikis stay in the NBA draft, can Wagner play the 2 position to replace Poole and Pierce play the 3 position to replace Brazdeikis? I believe the latter is YES but I don’t know about Wagner playing the 2 position.