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Oh, gotcha. Yeah I think Ed was a bit faster with the ball end to end, but Greg is superb in that regard as well. Knowing Ed personally, he is 1-2 inches taller than Greg. Have to disagree with the Caris without bells and whistles, as Greg may not have the offensive flash (IE, crossovers etc), but Greg plays with authority and isn’t a charmin boy…he’s going to the rim with purpose instead of the up and under BS. Greg is also a much better defender than Caris at the same stage.

Put it this way, you know I was not sold on Greg until recently…you had to convince me. After watching him the last 6 months its just becoming impossible to deny that he’s a high major player.

The offensive flash is what made Caris such an elite ISO player, though. Agree that Greg is an aggressive slasher and is locked in on defense. I really would like Greg but JB is going to have to be real with himself and evaluate the players on his roster to make that happen because there are other needs that should be addressed if only Donnal decides to play elsewhere.

I agree, an instant impact grad transfer wing that can create off the bounce is preferable to Greg. Unfortunately, that simply isn’t going to happen.

With that said, I’m taking Greg in 17 over any current target in 18. He’ll be better in 18 than any of those guys and has more upside as well.

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Watching JB handcuff himself with his back against the wall is frustrating. Some of these tweaks are so obvious.


Just did some new highlights of Greg. Not playing against garbage comp either. These 3 games he was up Isaiah Livers (needs no introduction), Keion Epps (17 EMU commit) and Tray Jackson (18 wing with offers from UD and EMU)

Things that make him high major/UM material:

  • the second play of the highlight Greg shows ability to be PnR ballhandler and freezes a big with an in and out dribble when he hedges…then he finishes through contact

  • the third play of the highlight Greg hits a three from 25 feet

  • hit multiple shots from NBA range

  • tremendous defensive ability on display

  • tremendous vision

  • very good athlete that isn’t even close to his ceiling

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I’ve been trying to put my find on who his physical build reminds me of…Eric Davis Jr. Two different types of games though.

Stylistically/physically George Hill for me. Nothing flashy, but just productive on both ends of the court. His game looks so much better live and you were the one that pointed it out to me. Have to say though, the film above is pretty impressive

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Epps and Jackson are good competition?

I’m not trying to be a smart ass im just wondering. Those the best guys he plays against outside AAU?

Yes for HS playing vs D1 players on consistent basis is above average comp, not great like LA or Chicago, but above average. Certainly not playing garbage like Eli Brooks or Champaign area basketball for sake of comparison

I’ll also add that Greg has played against the following this year:

Detroit Cornerstone (Jamal Cain)

Macomb Dakota (Thomas Kithier, Jermaine Jackson Jr, Jack Ballytyne)

Wayne Memorial (Keion Epps, Rashad Williams)

Basically every game he’s played he’s matched up vs D1 talent

While champaign area isn’t great, only about half the games are champaign for Tim. As I’ve already posted, Peoria, Bloomington, st Louis is MUCH better than any detroit area teams. That’s not even close to comparing. Gregs team play in any tournaments with good teams. I mean come on, look at the tourneys Tim has played in already. Great players involved. Not emu type players either.

While they may be d1 players, rather low d1 vs big ten d1 isn’t exactly the same.

Fwiw Rick pitino has been to champaign several times for finke.

Those players you listed in gregs conference?

I wouldn’t know about the comp level but is that actually the case? All of those areas are tiny compared to the Detroit Metro.

I understand it’s personal for you because you have a relationship with Tim, and I get that. Not trying to make it a Tim vs Greg argument at all. That said I think you’re wrong about comp level in those cities vs Detroit, but I could be wrong.

Of Greg’s 7 games, 3 of them have featured a high major player on the opposing team, while the remaining games have featured Division I players

Macomb Dakota (Thomas Kithier)

Detroit Cornerstone (Jamal Cain)

Kzoo Central (Isaiah Livers)

At the HS level that’s pretty solid in my view

Yeah, IMO DPS on its own is not that strong (probably not any actual strong conferences in the entire state I think), but there are a lot of pretty good teams all over the metro area/state that play each other in the pre-conference.

If we are adding St. Louis, which Tim plays in tournaments down there, It’s not even close IMO.

Agreed. If we’re taking into account metro Detroit (for which Greg plays against all the time) it’s not even close to those other cities in my opinion, including St Louis

He seems to have a bit of old man’s game to him, like Caris and Jamal.