Recruiting Notes

So hasn’t been much news discussed lately or been much out there in terms of who the coaches have been watching but here is a couple of things that I have came across.

Drew Peterson 6-8 2018, Taylor Currie 6-9 2019 and Jermiah Keene 6-1 2019 all visited this weekend.

Kevin Easley visited for the Wisconsin game.

Who else is being targeted in the 2017 class besides Bamba? Don’t want to have to scramble for a target in the late period. Really hope Greg Elliott doesn’t sign til late.

Also awhile back Beilein was at Montverde to watch a workout, really hope he was there for this guy Sandro Mamukaleshvili. 2017 European kid.

There is a possibility if Bamba does not sign with Michigan that the coaches will offer that scholarship spot to Donnal and go more aggressive in the Class of 2018.

Long way of saying I’d be surprised if any serious names emerge now for the 2017 Class. If Wagner grabs the starting C spot and distances himself from Donnal AND if Teske pushes Donnal in practice for the b/u role, then some names may start to emerge in December/January?

I can’t see them keeping Donnal barring Mo leaving and/or an injury to Teske/Davis.

Hope Teske steps up and we don’t need to carry 4 bigs again. Also hoping we keep in contact with Donnie Tillman as well who I believe is signing late.

The biggest worry I have is who is going to replace MAAR’s skill set when he leaves? We need that type of player who is a driver, ideally we have a couple.


We’ll see how Matthews ends up but you’re right, ideally we’d have a couple guys like that.

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***unless Bamba is the 4th big :wink:

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I could be wrong, but I think Bamba could play the 4 for us.

Not going to get my hopes up but it would be huge to get this kid. Top 50 wing, believe a family member went to Michigan. He had mentioned us awhile back


Interesting…his top 8 from late August does not include Michigan.

I was just going to note the same thing… wonder if it is just recent interest from us. Dont know much about his game but his measurables look good and he is a top 40 recruit which makes him appealing from a superficial level

He did retweet Zagoria, so I guess there’s substance to it.

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Here is two questions for everyone:

You have your choice of either Tucker or Bamba, who you taking?

Is there a chance Duncan Robinson doesn’t get his 5th year next year?

Here are my two answers.
Bamba (would be excited for either)
Duncan will definitely be back

Bamba times infinity

It’s not a 5th year in the redshirt sense. There isn’t a chance in hell that you could land a transfer (who by definition is looking for a better opportunity to play out their remaining eligibility) by telling them their last year of eligibility is up in the air.

Beilein has removed the RS designation from all potentially eligible players on the roster this year, so yes, I think there’s a possibility the staff does not offer Robinson a 5th year. I would have found that inconceivable a month ago, but reading quotes now…

lol and replace him with who? A 2-star spring add? Duncan is getting a 5th year.

Well theoretically Robinson would be replaced by Tucker…

You’re not reading the tea-leaves correctly. Belein is committed to Robinson for 4 years (transfer + 3) and it’s not theoretically possible that he would pull his scholarship. Donnal first in line to move on and anybody coming in would take that spot.