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Bamba on ESPN right now.

Just received this text from Isaiah Livers on Greg Elliott/Michigan verbatim:

‘he has improved his game dramatically man. they need to make that move lol’

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Are Dave and Isaiah after Beilein about this?

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Another local scout with the same impressions about Greg as me…take a look at who retweeted it

Is there video of him posted somewhere? On this site?

Highlights of Greg I did about a month ago. If I could trade Eli for Greg I’d do it very, very quick

That video doesn’t convince me as the competition was very poor IMO and he doesn’t look better than Maar. While maar is fine, just not a big impact guy. He looks very thin as well. Nice and long with a bit of athleticism but I’m not sure he’s big ten material. He looks about 6’2? I’m too lazy to look right now but any power 5s looking at him and offered?

Comp level was the same Lima team that some here proclaim to be superior to Detroit area basketball (false) and defending Class C state champion Flint Beecher…who just beat UDJ. Comp level not great, but above average and certainly better than anything Eli Brooks has ever faced.

He averaged 10, 3, 3 in EYBL as a 4th option. That is insane

No offense, but a comparison to MAAR is almost nuts. He couldn’t shoot a lick in HS. Greg is an above average shooter from 3 and a very good midrange shooter.

He just picked up an offer from Marquette, and now has interest from MSU, Pitt, Texas

I look at Greg and see Edmund Sumner all over again…1 year to fill the frame out and it’s lights out

Marquette could be a nice spot, just not sold he can play in the big ten and be a good player. Who’d you take, Finke or Elliot?

Finke is a year younger and I think he’s better than Elliot right now.

I’d take Elliot all day. Regardless of who the better player is, Elliot’s play style fills a dire need while Finke is a mostly redundant add on. Who on our roster will create open looks for him?

Have you seen Tim play this year? There’s no way because you wouldn’t be saying that if you have.

This summer you’ll see a guy who is MUCH better than Elliot.

Having seen Tim in the summer in EYBL and UM camp, I’d take take Greg in a heartbeat, just much better in several different areas.

That said, I haven’t seen Tim since August, look forward to seeing him this Spring. Not putting much stock into Champaign HS ball

I can’t believe this is being debated, Tim is ranked:

ESPN - #55

Scout - #96

247 - #74

Rivals - #77

He’s a much better player and it’ll suck having to play him for 4 years. It’ll be like missing on Kevin Heurter, we’ll regret it for 4 years.

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Also, fwiw, finke guarded Courtney Ramey one game and pretty much shut him down. The kid has put on a lot of muscle these past months and is playing some pg for central. He’d be good for us from day 1, especially since he’s a great shooter and 6’5.

The thing is, they play Peoria, St. Louis, Bloomington teams as well. Lots of talent he plays against throughout the year.

Look at the teams and talent in the Adam Lopez and highland shootout tournaments. Kid plays top 100 guys all the time and does well.

Just look at what tape is available on Finke and pretty much everything shows him to be a catch and shoot guy, a good one but pretty much catch and shoot all day. I do like his frame, as it looks college ready.

No tape of his handles, defense or passing from what I found in a quick search.

Debating with ratings is freaking dumb. Do you want to know how many times I have seen a guy from Rivals, ESPN, Scout, and 247 in a Michigan high school gym? Zero. They are often throwing together a list on very outdated information or just guessing.

JM - stop it with the rankings thing, that’s just silly.

You beat that same horse to death with Jamal Cain for months, and you were clearly wrong, then finally came around to admitting it at the end.

Bottom line is that if you think Tim is a great player so be it, but basing it on ranking is just dumb.

FWIW I understand you have some inherent bias toward Tim because you know him personally. I totally get that because I have inherent bias toward players I know personally even though I point out flaws (Jamal needs to add muscle, Dave isn’t great on D, etc), but it’s just extremely difficult for it not to factor in.

I really do look forward to watching Tim in EYBL, hope he’s as good as you say