2017 - G - Greg Elliott (Target)


My comp (of course this is the full upside comp) would be Juan Dixon. That’s who his game reminds me of. Wirery, good athlete, shot looks similar, similar height, good ball handler.

I know the 2015 class was a down year but his game reminds of Eric Davis at Texas only Elliott is much more explosive, not even much of a comparison in terms of that and Davis was a top 50 player. Hard to compare the shooting ability having only seen highlights of Greg. But the games seem similar with Greg being a better Athlete.

Mattd - do u think Greg could handle the ball in a two combo guard offense without a true point? The pg position is by far the weakest on the roster next year imo. I think we would be lucky to have one of x/Eli turn into a solid big ten player. If u could roll with Elliot and rock both handling that would be a huge help until dejulius get here. Poole should be a nice addition to have a two man who can shoot compared to rock but I don’t see him being good enough handling to play without a pg

Is it possible that he plays PG meaning primary ball handler and Dave plays the SG - catch and shoot at the next level? I ask as I seems he is very comfortable with the ball in his hand and gets downhill quickly.

In my opinion I don’t think Greg could handle minutes at the PG as a freshman. Assuming he fills out his frame and his skills develop at a reasonable rate, definitely think he could handle that role as a sophomore.

No doubt Dave can play off ball, but that would negate his best attribute, shooting off the dribble.

good grief. get that kid an offer. He plays with chip/viciousness about him.

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No way. Probably a legit 6’3. I measured Dave personally at my camp in October and he was 6 on the dot.

Look at the pic I took of Dave and Greg yesterday, 3 inches taller in my opinion

Do you like him enough to take both him and Bamba (using the Robinson 5th year scholarship?).

If the question is limited to giving Greg a scholarship at the expense of Duncan Robinson’s 5th year and we already have Bamba in the mix, then yes, I’d do that in a heartbeat

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Yeah, I’d give DR and Donnal firm hand shakes if it meant adding a mobile rim protector and a shot creator. The roster would look pretty complete then outside of my skepticism about one of the other bigs…

You’d really let Duncan walk if we were to land Bamba? I feel like if Bamba comes, then we need a shooter like Duncan for 2017 only. Obviously 4 years of a shot creater versus 1 year of a shooter sounds like a good trade in a vacuum, but for 2017 alone, I wouldn’t make that trade at all.


Poole, Brooks, Livers, Wagner, DJ provide shooting and Ibi + + MAAR + Simpson have shot the ball well at certain points in their career. A shooter like DR can’t be as effective without someone creating looks for him and it remains to be seen who fills that role on next years roster.

Matt and Guestavo (welcome back), you both have great points on taking Elliott. I have been hounding Matt about info on Greg for awhile as he is the type of player that we have been missing for years. If there was a second ship open it is a no brainer too me. Guestavo is right though that we need some immediate help on the wing, the whole burden cannot be on Matthews to create. Call me crazy but if we could get a high scoring wing grad transfer I might take him over Bamba, might. In the end though if we miss out on Bamba and the likelihood of getting a grad transfer is slim, I think you take a chance on Greg if you can cause he gets into our system a year earlier than a 18 wing.

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Let’s recap:


  • Plays hard
  • Plus defender, plus defender
  • Great slasher/transition guy – gets to the line, makes his twos


  • He plays like a guy that you would want to be able to play and guard multiple positions… At 6-3, that might be tricky.
  • He’s a limited shooter. He takes about 3x as many twos and threes and is hitting 25% from three this year at East English.

If he’s 6-5 or 6-6, I think he’s a no brainer add (and for more teams than Michigan). As it is, I think it’s a tricky spot. Michigan has obviously seen him play quite a bit given that he plays with DeJulius and I think this is a trickier call than some are making it out to be right now. I can certainly see both sides.


If you don’t mind me asking, where did you get your 3point shooting stats for HS this year. I’ve been to a fair amount of EEVP games this year and that doesn’t quite add up to me.

I think its a fair summation but I can’t stress enough his vision/ballhandling ability. He is much better than MAAR in that regard, for example.

I don’t think its a fair summary, especially with regard to the ability to defend multiple positions, at least if the implication is that Elliott cannot based on his height. No doubt in my mind Greg can defend and PG, SG, and SF. Hell, he just put the clamps on Livers in all iso situations, and he’s a 3/4. He has tremendous versatility, much more than anyone on the current roster.

In this scout.com post from April 2016, Elliott says Michigan’s recruiting him. Just kind of wondering why he didn’t get a target thread till now.


I really think it comes down to matchup and how much weight he can put on. He will be disruptive with his length regardless and locked in on-ball against anyone who can’t bully or shoot over him.

Don’t get me wrong I agree with you regarding the team need…I guess my point - and more importantly where JBs head is probably at - is that if they didn’t intend on having Duncan next year, they probably would have pushed harder for Cain, no? (Not trying to open a can of worms there…)

With all this said, I do love Greg’s game and it’s not like I’d be disappointed with him in the fold.