Potential Transfer Targets (Summer 2016)

Cane Broome doesn’t have Michigan on his list, but here’s another potential name.

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Dylan, realistically how much longer do you expect Beilein too continue coaching? His overall roster construction, style of play, and inability to recruit at a high level is a huge cause of concern. I give him some credit for realizing bad talent evaluations and pushing them out the door(Ricky Doyle), but I don’t see how going after another combo guard fixes the more prominent issues in his program.

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I don’t see any problems with graduate transfers:

  • they don’t bog down scholarships
  • provide leadership/maturity
  • low risk (played 3 years of college ball)

If the skills are right and so forth, I say go for it.

Jake Ruddock worked out pretty well for Harbaugh.
Max worked out well for Crean.


Yeah, a 6-3 combo guard that can shoot the ball seems like a stop-gap to get to Jordan Poole next year. I don’t think anyone would say the two-spot is necessarily deep next year either.


Can this guy defend or rebound? Michigan already has enough players who jack up threes and can’t defend or rebound.

Agreed. I am all for it if the fit is right. This also makes me think Spike’s hips just aren’t right, otherwise why not just bring back Spike?

Let’s not ruin this thread already, please.

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Spike is solely a PG due to his size and he is coming off of a major injury. #1 they don’t even know if he will be healthy enough to contribute in a meaningful way next year and #2 a 6’3 combo guard provides more positional versatility than a 3rd PG who is clearly #3 in the pecking order.

His assist rate would have been second on our team this year (if you take out Caris and Spike). He’s a good shooter. I guess I’d have to see film if he can penetrate and break anybody down on the dribble or defend to see if he’s someone I’d be willing to add. If he can’t penetrate or defend, I think I’d lean toward saying no thanks. If he is a real combo guard and can handle the ball, that’s something I think we could use (mostly so Zak doesn’t have to handle the ball outside of PnR situations). But I might just rather have X spell Walton and Rahk for 5-10 minutes each and risk going small with X and Walton when Rahk needs a rest than add another shooter and have a Walton-Mullins-Robinson-Irvin lineup at times, which doesn’t give us enough penetrating ability IMO. If he can penetrate a bit, I think that’s a plus and we absolutely say yes if a spot is there.

As Adam said, Spike has one position. And his defensive ability isn’t enough that it can justify using a Spike-Walton lineup for significant stretches of time (whereas I think an X-Walton lineup could stand up because they’re both quick and potentially good defensively). Plus, Mullins doens’t take away minutes from X too much IMO and hurt his development, where Spike would potentially hold X back and long term that’s not something I want. This is not to say I advocate bringing Mullins in, but I can see the benefit of bringing in a combo guard over Spike.

I’d rather get an athletic 3/4 but I don’t know if that exists on the market. Is there a list of grad transfers anywhere?

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http://espn.go.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/14390188/college-basketball-transfer-list Scroll down a bit and it lists the grad transfers


Yeah, Spike is a PG–the only proven true point guard we have the team. Conveniently, Walton is amazing at playing off the ball catch and shoot and rebounding like someone who is 6’6 and not 6’. If Spike leaves and has success while we have a non functioning offense because we do not have a true point guard I am going to blow a fuse.

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Are we sure Grant Mullins would even require an athletic scholarship? He’d be coming from the Ivy league and has never had one before. Could he get an academic scholarship? Maybe his parents can afford it and he just wants the opportunity to play for a Power 5 team?

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Canyon Barry is an interesting grad transfer prospect – 6-6 guard (Rick Barry’s son) averaged 20 ppg at Charleston before going down to a shoulder injury midseason.

Only problem is that he’s an underhanded FT shooter but I would be OK with it. If you’re going to inquire about guards, why not inquire about him?

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…because the mere chance of a Michigan game being decided by underhanded free throws would be enough to make me a full blown alcoholic November-March.


At least he can finish through contact and get to the line (85% FT per ESPN)… apparently plays defense also.

Would take any day over a 3-and-no-D guy.


Don’t know much about Barry (or Mullins), but Mullins gets to the free throw line much more often and is a better two-point shooter.

Dylan why would we even be talking with transfers if we don’t have an open spot? How does that work?

As I posted in the comments… there’s always the possibility of more attrition and if you aren’t doing due diligence ahead of time you are falling behind.

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