Potential grad transfer additions


I also heard and have been expecting that. I wondered if that might have been the extra scholarship had the need arose.


That frankly would not surprise me about Watson. He looked lost last year. Maybe he turns it around and contributes but it will take a massive leap in development. We’ve seen a few those lately so who knows.


I would see what Watson can do this year before drawing any conclusions. If he can’t crack the rotation this year, then he runs the likelihood of being recruited over by the class of 2018.


I’m not at all convinced we get Mo for only 1 more year.


I agree. Reading how much he enjoys the college experience and the fact that he’d only be a year from his degree lead me to believe he may stay for his senior season. He just turned 20 in April.


Me either, he sounded like a guy who just committed to two years in his post decision interview.


Wagner may come back again as he’s unlikely to drastically change his athleticism and thus his draft stock. He’ll have a great motor in two years and will have new crafty ways to be effective.

I’m not betting, but I’m hoping we see an unexpected jump from someone (a la wilson, lavert)


Do you have a link?



Wagner said: " ‘Testing the waters,’ you know how everyone says that? I don’t like that analogy at all because it implies you’re not serious and you’re just dipping your toe in. I went into the NBA Combine competing and knowing I could play on that level and I still do.

"But I didn’t want this to be an either-or situation. I wanted this to be safe."

Wagner added, "And it was just too risky this year. The draft is very deep and the top 20 picks are almost set. You could only play yourself up to a certain stock."

What feedback did he receive from the NBA?

“I could’ve gone undrafted,” said Wagner, “which I don’t believe. There was definitely enough interest that I would’ve been drafted. I could’ve gone early second round or I could’ve gone between 20 and 30 (overall). But I wasn’t in the top 20 for sure. So, it was very, very risky.”

Wagner said he’d have been disappointed had he dropped to the second round.

"The second round doesn’t guarantee you anything," he said. "I’d rather play another two years here at the University of Michigan, take another step toward my bachelor degree and have a good time here.

I would’ve hated myself if I’d found myself in the D (NBA Development) League next year. I would rather play in college.”

So, Wagner isn’t looking at leaving after his junior year as a certainty?

"I think that would be a mistake to do," he said.

Wagner averaged 12.1 points and 4.2 rebounds last season, and wants more for himself and his team.

“The mission is to lead this team and to win,” said Wagner, who emphasized that last word to underscore his conviction. "I want to win the Big Ten again. Winning the Big Ten Tournament whetted my appetite; I wanted more. It’s a little early to talk about a national championship, but we go into every game with the mentality of being able to win it. We have so many players who can step up this year, and I want to step up my game and be more consistent and lead by example the way (captains) Caris LeVert, Derrick Walton and Zak Irvin did for me.

“You’ve got to shoot for the moon if you want to be successful.”


I put in bold a few comments that I thought were important. He has an awesome mindset and wants to be a leader of the team.


What an awesome find for Beilein.


Personal opinion here…but Moe has the potential to go down as JB’s best and most impactful 4 year player if he sticks around


I think he is the leader of this team next year.


What just happened here? Why was the thread scrubbed?


Cleaned up the thread from the “Cam Johnson is visiting tomorrow, Cam Johnson is visiting the next day, etc.” If it is reported that Cam Johnson is visiting, let’s put it here, but the guessing game is a slippery slope.


Because if you scroll through that dudes twitter feed it is full of breaking recruiting news that never happened.


Have to worry about Oregon for basically any Canadian kid.


Thanks, appreciate the clarity


Grad transfer talk has been more quiet than I expected (other than rumors). I’m hoping there’s some behind-the-scenes talks going on the way Jaaron Simmons’ recruitment went down.


So is Cam Johnson for sure visiting Michigan?