Potential grad transfer additions


Cam Johnson visting michigan next week


Source? Not questioning validity


you also said this on twitter with no source


…he also was one that broke DJ Wilson visiting/leading for Michigan back in 2013 so maybe he knows something or two.


Cam makes a lot of sense. I also wonder why we wouldn’t reach out to Bowen. Not the fit positionally but I’d love to hear what he’s thinking.


Bowen isn’t thinking anything in regards to UM. Just isn’t feeling the program. Whatever, let him go to creighton or DePaul.


i have good sources.


This is good.


i was all so hearing a month ago that watson is leaving. now im not hearing it


well… alright then lol


The one thing I’m unsure about with Cam Johnson is…does it cost us one of the 2018 3/4s like Iggy or Johns? Is that trade worth it?


Seems like that issue always works itself out.


I’d say so. He’s got two years of eligibility, he’s a known commodity vs a freshman who might not ever pan out, and you buy two years to find the next guy.


And he raises both the floor and the ceiling of the 17/18 team, considerably. He’d help cash-in on the one year we get both Simmons and Mo.


I view Cam, Iggy, and Hunter as true 3/4 guys. So I don’t think Cam being here would diminish our chances. He’d only be here 1 year while they’re here and those are versatile guys that could play either wing spot.


As long as we use the spot on anyone that can help for the year we have Simmons I’d be happy. I’d rather have Iggy reclassify but Cam would be a great get no doubt. Don’t think it would affect Hunter


In terms of costing us, I meant it from the standpoint of literally taking a scholarship. It feels like we have good traction among skilled '18s that are a good fit, whereas at this point, it’s unclear whether we will get similar traction with similarly talented athletes in the '19 class.

That said, I do take the point that he’s a known quantity and will help more in the short term. He also comes with risk around learning a new system and fitting a role that are likely easier with a freshman. Either way, I trust the staff to make the right call.


The way in which it’s likely to impact Hunter is if an Iggy or Johns is ready to commit first, and there are finite spots available.


Johnson would also be nice to have because we are likely to lose 4 starters/major contributors, after this season: Simmons, MAAR, Duncan, and Mo. Without Johnson, CM would be our only returning starter in 18/19, and that’s assuming CM comes back (also assuming Livers doesn’t start over Duncan, which I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he did).


I see. Definitely could in that sense. It seems odd we haven’t really prioritized a post player knowing Wagner will be gone but we’ll see how it shakes out. They’re clearly planning on taking 2 wings though.