Potential grad transfer additions


That guy is a fake. Nobody reputable is reporting it.


Too bad. Would be a great pickup if it happened.



No, no one has reported that. He just wrapped up a UNC visit and seems to be waiting on his ACC appeal/Pitt’s decision. @MattR1 pretty much sums up the the situation well.


For those of you holding out hope here.


So I guess that means Pitt lifted his restrictions? At this point I’d assume it’s Ignas, McIntosh, or keep it for 2018.

edit: Pitt has not lifted his restrictions, but I guess he’ll try and fight it.


Or UNC just did whatever the hell they wanted (matriculated Cam Johnson) and are daring anyone to do anything about it.

Not that they have done that in recent years…


Well I guess his “visit” didn’t go well


I think that Pitt can’t restrict him from enrolling or even playing at UNC, but he’d have to pay his own way for a year if he doesn’t get a release or win an appeal.


I expect that NCAA ruling to come down somewhere around 2023.


Not really sure that McIntosh and Michigan have really been linked except for the fact that he plays the same position that Michigan needs. He’s visited Oregon (sounds like the team to beat) and Oklahoma. Haven’t seen any talk of him visiting Michigan or talking to Michigan.

Ignas in 2017 seems like the most likely, but his comments to Orion were more along the lines of that it is an option but not one he’s necessarily planning on right now.


Argh, it would be really disappointing to not bring in a transfer or a signee for DJ’s slot. Can’t replace him, but would like to replace at least an element or two of what he added to the team. I was trying to talk myself into the idea that Coach B had learned from the past and we were moving toward finally being able to react to all potential developments, but the lack of action has me concerned. I’ve been a huge fan of Coach B from day one, but no can deny that he’s been caught with his pants down far too often by real time developments. It’s lovely to give a guy like Dakich a schollie, but enough is enough. That’s just not good enough when we have a chance to build on the momentum from last season. I may just be being impatient, just stating that a schollie for a player who just isn’t a scholarship player is going to really grate if it happens again.


Who in the 17 class are you going to get this late outside of a major reach? All the good options as a grad transfer are spoken for.

He has had some roster mismanagement issues, but I am not sure there are a lot of good options this late. Going forward, hopefully he recruits to overlap skill sets better, so an early entry or a transfer doesn’t see like such a huge loss.


You don’t just take somebody to fill a roster opening. If Iggy is willing to reclassify and come early, that appears to be our only attractive option. Many teams don’t have 13 on schollie. MSU for instance.


I mentioned this a long time ago and I don’t think this is an overly popular opinion, but if the scholarship goes unused for next year I think it is a major mistake not keeping Donnal around.


I deny this.

Also, many if not most schools have open scholarships given transfers, early departures, etc.


Only if Davis and Teske prove incapable of contributing at all. Otherwise, he would just have been taking up a roster spot and not playing at all. No reason for him to stick around if he’s not gonna play. And you do a disservice to him by telling him to wait to see if other guys go pro when his potential landing spots are taken up by other grad transfers.

I think it’s unlikely that both Davis and Teske will be significantly worse than Donnal.


Who do you target this late in the game? Before the BTT, Wilson wasn’t considered a serious threat to leave early. Not a lot of feasible options that are gonna be able to contribute right away. Even if Iggy reclassified, there’s no guaranatee that he’s able to contribute right away.

And you can’t just take anybody. You have to weigh how an offer will play out. If grad transfers fall through, do you give a scholarship to a Colton Christian type player for four years? It might help you out for 5 minutes a game in year one, but in years 2-4, it’s a wasted scholarship that you can’t give to a better long term player.


So if you keep Donal you have no leverage in the market…I disagree with your sentiment. No one develops talent like Johnny B…trust in the process!


Yeah I understand the opposite side here. But Teske looked terrible and Davis I could not have lower expectations for. I also think Donnal got a bad rep from most of the fan base because of his facial expressions. He started an entire season on a tournament team and shot the three ball well last season off the bench. Trust JB’s player development I know I know…and we had to open the scholly up for bigger options. But as I said if it remains unused or given to a walk-on, I’d prefer to not go the 5th year Bielfeldt, Spike, Donnal route unless we are actually getting a quality contributor.