Potential grad transfer additions


I know nothing about Alstork or his priorities, but keep in mind the academic side of things. For someone who isn’t a realistic NBA guy, a masters degree from Illinois is quite a bit more valuable than one from Louisville in most areas.


Mikyle McIntosh has withdrawn from the NBA Draft & is transferring from Illinois State, per source. Averaged 12.5 PPG. Eligible immediately.

— Evan Daniels (@EvanDaniels) May 24, 2017

Potentially taboo/bad karma to post this on the day of DJ’s announcement, but add McIntosh as our 4 stopgap, and we would have to be a top 3 B1G team, right? Just letting the daydreams flow while waiting for DJ to announce.

edit: Just saw Ace had the same thought

burly power forward with shooting range. worth keeping an eye on if Wilson stays in the draft. https://t.co/Q0RNn6pGDa

— Ace Anbender (@AceAnbender) May 24, 2017


Wisconsin will be the team to beat there IMO (they added Dean Oliver from Illinois State as an assistant). But yes, McIntosh would be a good fit on paper.


Any chance we get back in the mix with Cam Johnson?


Hope we at least kick the tires there. Sounds like some of his other contenders have cooled or filled up.



That’s good to hear. Hopefully it is more than just tire kicking. He would an awesome addition.


While my mostly uneducated guess is that we’re too late to get back into the party…I think I’d prefer Cam over pretty much every option I’ve seen presented (obviously I’m still very interested in the '18 recruits). 2 years of immediate eligibility is such a game changer with a known commodity.


He would make this team very good IMO. Keep Duncan coming off the bench and have johnson for two years potentially. Then we wouldn’t be losing 4 starters the next year either. Helps in many ways IMO.


My initial feel is that I’d prefer to see some rim protection from this scholarship opening. It made such a huge difference having shots both blocked and altered at the rim down the stretch of last season. Can anyone make me feel less worried that if we don’t add athletic size with this opening we may be looking at teams running layup lines against us?


I’d much prefer McIntosh over Johnson. I think he would fit our defensive needs best and can still shoot the 3 at a decent percentage (36.3% over the last 2 years). He’s pretty mobile and athletic. Perfect 4 man for me.


Don’t necessarily disagree, especially at the 4, but I’d hope that is one of the areas Moe shows drastic improvement (maybe based on NBA feedback?), and also believe Teske has some rim protection skills that could show out. I guess my point is that I’m hoping the cupboard isn’t bare


Totally agree despite my previous post. I guess I was already ruling him out based on Dylan’s mentioning of Wisky being the team to beat there


I haven’t given up on Teske at all, but that’s a different kind of rim protection. Ben Cronin, for example, if healthy, was definitely going to get you a few blocks a game, but DJ could rim protect in transition, as well. Sort of stationary rim protection versus mobile rim protection.


I don’t know if it is too late at all. A lot of his options seems to have dried up. I presume a lot of the reason he didn’t include UM in his list to begin with had to do with a lack of a guarantee of a spot.


Not that it should make anyone feel better, as I always thought athletic rim protection was a hole in Beilein’s roster construction. I think he should recruit that type every other year and sacrifice some shooting if he has to. But as we all know, Beilein values shooting and passing above all else for the most part. In short, athletic rim protection isn’t something that have always been prevelant since JB has been at UM, and the team has had pretty good years in spite of that lack of utility.



Pitt putting transfer restraints on Cam Johnson, who just graduated in three years with a high GPA, is deplorable. https://t.co/hiEL7jUir8

— Matt Norlander (@MattNorlander) May 22, 2017

I wonder if he’s visiting, assuming the NCAA will rule that he can go wherever he wants.

Also, cant figure out why my twitter embeds dont come out right.


Transfer restrictions are a garbage practice. They should be struck down all the time.


This specific incident is one of the worst cases of this that I can remember, due to the circumstances that are listed in that article. I’m really glad we let Spike go to Purdue, because that would have looked really bad.