Potential grad transfer additions


I’m very fond of the 18s were examining. Glad they banked the scholarship and went grad route. I like where the program is. If Wilson comes back this is a very good team.

I’m for Eli redshirting. I mean I don’t think he’d be thrilled but what’s the point? Unless he’s clearly better than Jordan or ibi it’s a waste.


Ha I was thinking the same thing as him.


As difficult as it is to replace two 4-year seniors like Walton and Irvin, I don’t think JB could have done much better than landing a proven PG with a high assist rate who will excel in ball screens and a former Kentucky wing with high potential. I expected a major drop off and now I’m excited.

I’m very worried this came about less as JB giving up on Bamba and more on some intel DJ is leaving. Really hope that I am wrong but we shall see. JB held a scholarship for Bamba for 9 months knowing he would wait until the very last second, had other visits with grad transfer PGs lined up later after the NBA decisions have cleared up…seems odd to decide to let it go now…unless there is attrition coming elsewhere or he decided Simmons is too good to pass up


Bamba aint coming. Writing has been on the wall for a bit.


I believe in X but I put myself in DJ and Bamba’s shoes and I have to think the point guard position being somewhat of a question mark prior to the signing of Simmons, brought with it a risk factor and a deterrent to returning in the case of DJ, and committing in the case of Bamba.

Smart move to add Simmons, IMO. My optimistic side believes we will end up with Simmons andeither DJ or Bamba–which is a great spot to be–because not adding Simmons could have resulted in not having either, IMO.


What makes you say that? Almost nothing has come out about his recruitment


Depends which version of Dwalt we are talking about. He was a top 10-15 pg in the country, after Maverick Morgan saved us. Simmons looks like he could be great, but Walton left some big shoes to fill, considering how he finished his career. If DJ and Mo return/improve, and CM can contribute close to Zak’s production, then I dont think Simmons will have to be better than Walton, for us to be as good.


Am I the only one who thinks x and Simmons will see 5-10 minutes together a night? X is ready I think to step it up. I like this pick up I just wonder what x is thinking. I think he’s 25 minutes a night good at this point.

Great Problems to have by the way.


I agree with him. Not that it’s fact, just doesn’t feel good or realistic for some reason.


I’d add take care of the ball (i.e. not turn the ball over) and free throw shooting to the list, but…I still think Simmons is a best case scenario.


That seems fair.


I wouldn’t write off Simpson that quickly. I think UM is going to end up with a 25/18 minutes split between Simmons & Simpson next season (projecting around 3min/gm of both on the floor together). And it wouldn’t stun me if it is Simmons getting the high end of the split early in the season and Simpson earning the high end of the split come conference play?

I think Simmons is a very nice get for UM, but I think his upside is above-average B1G point guard (but not All-Conference team contender). I also think we’re going to see an improved and more confident Xavier Simpson next season.

As for DeJulius in '18-19, most freshman PGs need a season to really get acclaimated to Beilein’s system; I’d project FR year DeJulius as a quality backup PG to Simpson but with more ability to play the two together (because of DeJulius’s shooting ability).


“Bamba aint coming. Writing has been on the wall for a bit.”

Sounds theorietacle.

Any info?


Gotta wonder how much 3pt shooting will affect this split; If Simmons shoots 38% and X is stuck around 32-33%, or vice versa, could that push the split closer to 30/10? It probably also depends on just how viable having X and Simmons on the court at the same time is/how good Poole and Brooks are/what happens with DJ. Watching next year’s offense unfold, even with 3 returning starters (if DJ comes back), is going to be fascinating; not even to mention that this could be the best defensive team that JB has had.


Went way in depth for this week’s Patreon column/story on a video breakdown:

Can check it here if you are on the Patreon board




I’m Team Bamba and determined to keep the faith until Mo announces. For years I’ve been pulling my hair out wondering why more kids with an eye on the NBA don’t pick Michigan. Now a legit blue chipper is considering Michigan and I get to hear from some folks from the Michigan fan base and from other teams’ fan bases say Nah for the sake of saying Nah.

I’m not going to say that Michigan is the favorite for Bamba, so if folks want to call their shot now and look for compliments later, knock yourselves out. As for me, hope survives.


I think you are reading too much into this.


I really hope you’re right lol



Keep the faith my friend. We’ll show those haters! #TeamBamba