Potential grad transfer additions


Hey, we might be really good next year.


If dj and moe stay it’s on.


There you go! :slight_smile:


What do you mean by under everyone’s nose


Apparently Simpson’s apprenticeship is still ongoing. Hard to imagine Simmons is transferring to not play major minutes this upcoming year. He’s a high usage ball dominant player.

And DeJulius arrives a year later.


I mean that this was mostly kept under wraps. The transfer, the visit. It was all very quiet and I’m guessing if it wasn’t there might have been even more suitors than UM, OSU, Dayton.



He’s right. However, if Simmons is 33% worse than he was production wise at Ohio, he’s an 11 and 5 guy which is a solid Big Ten PG. Simmons can play at this level, and it doesn’t require adding 33% on to his ability level to reach that conclusion.


Congratulations on Simmons. He seems like a great fit for UM. [quote=“umhoops, post:226, topic:2508, full:true”]
I mean that this was mostly kept under wraps. The transfer, the visit. It was all very quiet and I’m guessing if it wasn’t there might have been even more suitors than UM, OSU, Dayton.
I had no idea Ohio State was involved.


Excited about Simmons going forward. Apparently he’s not to worried about having an existing “heir apparent” on the roster at pg.

As an All League, fifth year, NBA waters testing type of player, I’m sure he’s pretty confident in major minutes over X and Brooks at the pg spot this season.

He certainly wasn’t sold on coming to M to play backup to anyone for a year.


Hail, I’ve always respected your insight and obviously have no clue who you are outside these forums…but your credibility just skyrocketed lol


Getting deeper into the world of pure speculation, but one would have to think that Simmons has to give some added value to the prospect of Mo/DJ returning (?). Thinking being that they know they will get fed, and probably more spaced defenses?

Probably down their list of things to care about behind $ and timing the exit with their development but has to look better today than it did yesterday.


I am all for this. It solves our area of greatest need and raises our ceiling from a good team to a very good team.
I wonder if this results in a redshirt for Brooks. He likely won’t see much playing time this year, but a redshirt would put him in the same class with Dejulius. Not a bad thing, but not ideal.


This whole trend of mid majors basically becoming a 3 year farm system for power 5 schools can really change the dynamics of college basketball. How nice is it that instead of having to recruit a position of need you can basically always find a one year fix from a grad transfer now?


The most popular route seems to be the double-transfer like Simmons because that first transfer forces a redshirt year.


You’d think this has to be a nightmare for mid major programs? Ideally a player with ambitions to move up to a power 5 school would redshirt their first year to bank credits and then the program would only get 2, at most 3 years of that player on the court.


I would not be a fan of a redshirt for Brooks. Plus he may be valuble as another shooter which may still be a concern.


I was thinking the same thing regarding how this effects DJ and Wagner’sdecision. Hearing that Simmons is such a great distributor combined with a nice floater—has got to be music to DJ Wilson’s and Wagner’s ears. Alley oop time…

My additional 2 cents: Simmons will not shoot 3’s or rebound as well Walton but I believe he will do everything else better…


agreed - my two thoughts are:

  1. the added “recruiting” to keep DJ and Moe
  2. it shows Beilein is still evolving his “ways” by adding a grad-transfer. I like how he seems to have a wide net cast on 2018 too.


I appreciate it. I don’t have any insider ties, though. A writer from Rivals dropped a few hints that we were on transfer watch a few days ago and it was the day before or after Simmons’ visit. Figured that was a good sign.