Potential grad transfer additions


I’m surprised by the timing and a little worried it may mean DJ is gone, but Simmons seems like a good fit for what we needed in the backcourt. Kudos to JB for continuing to evolve and change his stance on things like grad transfers.


I won’t go that far.

If both Wilson and Mo return, Simmons fills a bigger need than Bamba does.

If one of them jumps, we still have room for Bamba, and having an experienced backcourt only adds our chance with Bamba.


My take is that the only way Bamba comes is if DJ or Moe leave, so no matter what scenario you draw up for landing Bamba, there were going to be 2 scholarships available. Fill 1 with the best transfer you can get (which I think they did).

I don’t write us out of the Bamba recruitment at all, but he’s not coming here if both DJ and Wagner return.


Yet all but one of the transfers they have been looking at was a PG, right? Either they aren’t worried about Wilson or feel comfortable with what they can do with the roster they have.


Of the Grad Transfer options that were leaked public, yes, you are correct, the list only had one non-PG.

Caveat being “public” — in recruiting you don’t always know who the team is really targeting because of NCAA regulations regarding prospects who have not yet enrolled in school or at least signed a LOI. And Coach Beilein tends to be rather strict in following that rule.


My point was that the timing of the move could signal they think another scholarship is opening up. They’ve waited this long on Bamba so i’d assume they have not written him off yet. That means they think another scholly is opening up. That is most likely to be DJ going pro, unless there is another player they think might be transferring, which is certainly possible in today’s game.


People are trying to jump to conclusions that aren’t there. It’s been stated several times. Bamba won’t decide until after DJ decides and if DJ decides to come back then Bamba most likely won’t be committing to Michigan anyways. And if DJ leaves, then Michigan has an open scholarship.

I would be pretty disappointed if Beilein slow played Simmons while he waited several more weeks for DJ and Bamba to decide. It’s still possible they could have two open scholarships. If Simmons committed somewhere else before decisions are made, then Michigan could’ve hypothetically been without Simmons, Wilson and Bamba. That would be highly disapponting.

So don’t read so much into it. It’s something that 98% of coaches would’ve done with the current roster makeup. Take him and sort the rest out later


Bamba is extremely unlikely. Extremely. That’s the word. I think we took Simmons because we wanted a grad transfer PG, he was the top option on the board, and he was ready to commit. If DJ stays in the draft, I’d imagine we either look into another grad transfer or simply bank the scholarship.


Agree with this


I’m starting to think he might go play pro in China for a cool million or two.


I like the aggressive move getting Simmons and I’m not sure JB always would have done it. Next year has a great chance to be another really fun one.


You certainly may be right, but they have been holding a scholarship for Bamba for months. So what changed?

I am not saying this to criticize. I like the Simmons pickup, and I always considered Bamba a long shot. I’m just curious if Bamba told the coaches he likely wasn’t coming or stopped communicating with them or if the staff is expecting attrition elsewhere.


Simmons hasn’t been shopping his services for very long.


For one thing, grad transfers have not been an actionable option for months. It was either use the scholarship on another 2017 candidate or save it for Bamba.
Secondly, by Bamba’s actions and timing, he isn’t going to make a decision until he sees the final rosters of his final four. Seems unlikely that he would pick Michigan unless Wilson or Wagner go NBA, in which case, UM would have another slot available.
Simmons fills an area of greatest need and was too good to pass up.


I fully agree with everyone that Bamba has always been a longshot under any circumstances. My question for those that are saying he wouldn’t come anyway if Wagner and Wilson are both back – aren’t the frontcourts at Duke and Kentucky equally as imposing in terms of competition for minutes?

Bolden & Carter at Duke
Wenyen Gabriel, Sacha Killeya-Jones, Nick Richards, PJ Washington at Kentucky

Does everyone assume Texas is the answer for Bamba then?


I think that taking Simmons was a no-brainer for JB. If DJ Wilson returns we have a good squad this year and regardless of Bamba. If DJ leaves then there is a spot for Bamba if he wants to come however slim the chance is. Bird in hand.


Fair question, and obviously I don’t have a good answer. My only thought is that with the bluebloods (i.e. Duke and Kentucky) you can still be a lottery pick if you only play 15-20 minutes…or even less.

At Michigan, that argument could still be made - he’d be playing behind (or with) other potential first rounders - but I guess we just don’t have the track record of getting guys drafted that don’t truly have spectacular seasons statistically.

However, we’ve also never had a talent like Bamba for that situation to play itself out.


I can’t imagine very many circumstances where Bamba is not a lottery pick next year. He is the longest guy in the NBA with athleticism and agility. Done deal. He could choose washtenaw community college ( do they have a team?) and sit out due to an injury if he wanted. Doesn’t matter…


At this point what is Bamba waiting on? If we are out, we are the only school with guys that may still come back that would impact him no?


Don’t know and don’t care what Bamba is waiting on. Let the kid take all the time he needs to make the decision he feels is best for him. Once he either starts classes at a school or signs a LOI the school has all the control. If he’s not 100% sold on one place above all the others, it is smart for him to take his time while he actually has control over the process/potential outcomes.