Potential grad transfer additions


Alstork #6 on this list


Surprised Simmons didn’t make the cut. Has he not officially announced as a transfer? Easier to see Daniels missing, since he already hasn’t played in a year, and the comp level was super low. I guess there’s a lot of 4-5* guys/P5 guys on Goodman’s list.

@hailtoyourvictor still as optimsitic about Simmons? Your pseudo-“gut feeling” had me excited


Simmons hasn’t officially announced he’s transferring so I don’t think he’d show up on that list.





I will defer to someone with greater evaluation skills, but I did like what I saw if we’re looking for a point guard who can score.


Is this perhaps a bad sign with the other grad transfer guards? Also has anyone seen anything in regards to Jaaron Simmons actually saying he is looking at grad transferring? Also surprised there is nothing out there about his visit besides a couple of tidbits here and there.


Says nothing about Simmons. You keep recruiting to the end. Just another prospect worth a look. Simmons is very much in play. Would be my #1 choice at PG.




Talk about an awkward interview.




Wow :flushed:

I like what he can bring to the backcourt next season, but I guess I’m a little surprised Michigan took him while Bamba is still undecided? Unless Beilein either got word that Bamba is no longer consider UM or Beilein got word that Wilson is definitely staying in the draft?


Full scouting video and notes on the front page


Really a slam dunk addition and Michigan basically did it under everyone’s nose. U-M got a lot better next year IMO.


Very exciting. Did he officially enter is name into the draft and would you expect him to continue that process even with the commitment to Michigan?

Super excited about his potential addition though. That could be huge for next year. Takes a ton of pressure off of Simpson. Hard to predict how grad transfers will work out but love the fit.


It seems like Simmons raises the floor for the expected level of play from UM’s guards next season.

He might not improve the upper end ceiling for the position — I don’t expect Simmons to be an All-B1G caliber PG, like Walton was last season — but between Simmons and Simpson I now feel comfortable that UM will be able to get at least league-average play from the PG position.

Additionally, I feel like Simmons comfort/success running the PnR allows UM to keep MAAR in his role as a secondary scoring option — instead of having to try to shoe-horn him into a primary facilitator role in the PnR.


Does he get some minutes at the two? I’d like to see X playing 25 minutes or so still. I think he’s going to step up. Either way we needed a second ball handler and distributor. Really solid addition.


Bamba is all but out.