Potential 17 targets


Thomas Allen:
Nice looking shot, reminiscent of Derrick Walton pulling up. Picture perfect form. I’d be happy to have him just for that reason. Would like to see senior video


I don’t get it. We have enough guards right now. Makes me wonder if somebody on the current roster is disgruntled.


Here’s his 50 point game vs Bridgton


I don’t know if he’s good enough yet–would like to see more film. Based on what I’ve seen to date, he reminds me of former Michigan target Kenny Williams, now at UNC and out with a knee injury. That said, I do not agree that we have enough guards. I don’t see Matthews or Watson as guards unless they’re alongside a ball dominant lead guard who can break pressure alongside a guy at the 2 with THJ like handles (which is what I think Matthews and Watson have). The only guy on the roster who comes close to fitting that description is X. If X is really good going forward and doesn’t get hurt, then great, you van count Matthews and Watson and have 6 guards which is plenty, but otherwise you’ve got 4 guards and issues.


I agree that 4 guards and 3 wings is enough. I assume that this is for 2018 after MAAR and Duncan are gone. Which means that they think this guy is as good or better than what we could get from the 2018 class. It would allow us to redshirt him or at least get him a year of non-redshirt strength conditioning and system experience.


I like Bieniemy more than Allen. Watching Allen’s highlights, I keep waiting to see an explosive move toward the basket when he’s handling, but it only happens every now and then. Then he’ll explode for a block on the other end. Just doesn’t seem to be consistent explosively and looks to be mostly a shooter. But that’s with only watching a few minutes.

Bieniemy is my #1 backcourt target for 18. More than Ryan or Carmody


I agree that we may need more guards. As of today we have one sure ball handler X. I am hoping that Brooks and Poole come in ready but as you know freshman can be a crap shoot. I don’t see Matthews or Watson as primary or secondary ball handlers and I see MAAR as only a sometimes handler but not a long term solution as he does not have a slick enough handle and sub par passing. Also would like to see more film of Allen as nothing I have seen has him in pressure situations to see how he deals. I think his athleticism looks sneaky as he seems to play as if he does not have to show it unless he has to show it. All in all nothing wrong with kicking the tires.


Having multiple guys who can shoot and get to the rim is a huge benefit in today’s game, especially with all the switching, as Beilein has talked a lot about. Versatile bigs are at a premium, but teams are able to put out lots of guards/wings who aren’t that tall. Look at Oregon, running out three guys 6’4" or less. A lineup of Poole, Allen (or Bieniemy), and Brooks, for instance, could get a lot of mileage.


Was just announced but curious if JB gets involved with Cam Johnson from Pitt. Averaged 12 and 4 at Pitt last year, never seen him play but listed as a guard at 6-8, not sure if he has much of a dribble game but shot 41% from 3. Was all academic and think he has two years left so wouldn’t have the ship for 18 but would for 19. Probably not the type of creator we need but more proven than a guy like Allen.

Is Allen a backup plan if we miss out on Bamba or if a potential ship opens up?


I saw that. Funny enough, the number one player comparison for him on kenpom was 2016 Duncan Robinson, although I’m pretty sure he does more non-shooting type stuff.


I think Poole has a pretty good handle, don’t know how he does under pressure though. I was looking at 2014’s roster and we had 4 guys with really good handles (Nik, Caris, Spke, Trey/Derrick). I agree that Brooks is a question mark ball-handling-wise, as is Ibi and Matthews. But TA’s primary attribute appears to be a great jump shot. His film doesn’t show much ball-handling, so he’s another question mark in that regard.
Love his jump shot though. He gets great arc on it and it seems to hang in the air that extra split second. In any case, we only play 3 guards and we’ve got 4 including 2 freshman and a soph. I think we’ve got enough in the pipeline there, but I could see the argument for a redshirt. I prefer Bieniemy for his slashing ability and handle.


There are a ton of kids decommitted and transferring. Whether 2017 kids or guys who have just a couple years eligibilit. I really hope we are recruiting back up options hard here, grad transfers included.

I mean a lot of 2017 kids still out there in the top 100 or top 150. So many big college shake ups I’d love to see some of these kids fall on our laps. I’d love to see what the vets at Indiana, nc st, wash, cal, Illinois ect are all thinking. Then all the senior decommits.

Here’s one, see if kostas got his grades up and is eligible. We need a 3/4 wing and I’m still enamored with him. Especially with a year to work on his game.

Too many 17s and grads to reach out to on the wing to even mentions. Come on coach b time to convert! Lots of steAls out there


Why? I have no concerns with his ballhandling. What is cause of concerns? I’ve seen nothing to make me think he can’t handle the ball effectively


We should of be able to add some studs transferring/ hanging around.

What’s odd to me is how many top ranked kids want to go to zona, Kentucky, and duke every year just so half of them don’t play. Michigan could easily land some of these guys like Mathews.

Like Bowen, duval and McCoy all looking at zona still. Where are they playing? Trier alkins and Randolph already on the wing. Maybe Simmons to unless he leaves early, smh. Why would Bowen want to go there?or Randolph want to stay in that circumstance? Idk there’s a lot of schools with lots of minutes up for grabs .

Honestly let’s just take all the disenfranchised 4 stars from Kentucky, duke and zona. Bolden , killeysn, Gabriel come on down


Seems pretty valid to call someone who hasn’t played a single college game a question mark until he proves he can do it on this level.


5’11" it is!


I guess so but I don’t see any basis for concern over any other recruit. He’s playing for a coach who has no tolerance for turnovers, he’s has always handled the ball, good athlete, had offers from OSU an Villanova, coaches son. It’s cool for others to concern themselves with the possibility that he has no handle, but based on his videos and recruitment, I’m not going to join the party


Nothing is easy when it comes to recruiting 5*, let alone 4*


He doesn’t have the ball on a string like some point guards. His handle is a little high and loose. It could use some tightening up. I’d say his handle is decent but not at Xavier’s level or Walton’s.


If we are talking about Brooks I see him as having a better handle then MAAR with the only question being how quick he can adjust to the college level pressures and knowing what he can and cannot get away with.