Ohio State at Michigan Discussion


Instead of arguing about Dakich maybe we can argue about whether we are arguing about Dakich!

I was encouraged by how positive an impact Mo managed despite not putting the ball in the hoop much, he did well on Wesson - as did Teske who I thought played his best game in awhile.

Matthews is always a positive on defense and on the glass, but man, he’s just lost offensively, isn’t he?


I like 30 minute Simpson. Keep him fresh, let him extend his defense, and set the tone while keeping his minutes down. Simmons can readily handle at least 10 minutes per game in backup role. Simpson gave OSU guards fits on the perimeter, and a brilliant stroke by coaches to accentuate this obvious strength.

I watched Simpson before the game; he was working on a pull up jumper in the lane, it looked good, however, I don’t think we will see it this season.

Watching Poole before the game revealed nothing. Poole was workin on jumpers from just inside the center court Block M. He didn’t make very many.


Actually, I do care about this topic, but it’s long since been over, AND this is not where it belongs! THIS is the Michigan OSU discussion thread! Perhaps, in the future , if you, or anyone else who is intent on bringing it up again, would simply engage me in a private discussion via PM, then others wouldn’t have to be so annoyed that it keeps coming up! By the way, again, read the original thread! I wasn’t “angry and hostile.” I was simply standing up to what I considered to be unfair attacks against a college basketball player, and his legitimate statistics, by you and others, a player who had the audacity to transfer from our beloved Michigan to our hated rival down south. Now I’d say, “end of discussion” but you’re probably going to come back again. If you want to do that, just PM me, and we’ll have at it if that’s what you want!


No, I don’t think he is. He fails to finish, but rotates well.I think Beilein is right that he just overthinks, hasn’t quite put it all together. He will.


I like it, too, and I’m really glad Simmons is stepping up and giving Coach B the opportunity to do that. Z’s defense is essential to our success, I think. I thought Simmons worked hard on “D” too and gave us some quality minutes. We’ll need that going forward. Others talked about OSU “hiding” Dakich. What I saw was other teams often not guarding him at all. Coach B and Z DID guard him. And not only that, they hounded him, and all of OSU’s guards. I agree, great coaching by Coach B and staff!


I agree, Mattski! You can just see him thinking out there. When he just PLAYS he so much better. I don’t think he is “lost” but I DO think he’s a bit confused at times. I agree he’s going to put it together, but, and I know I’ll be criticized for saying this, WE just have to be patient. Believe me, the young man is worth it, and he will reward that patience.


Re-read those comments. Those people were talking about hiding his awful defense, not his offense.


You guys act like tonight’s game was the final piece of evidence to prove you were right all along—which is extremely hilarious.


I think it was very clear which of the two players looked more Big Ten appropriate. If you couldn’t see that, yikes. Yikes is all that can be said in response to that. The stubbornness of some of y’all, lol. As others have said, this is an old and clearly resolved topic with nothing more needed to be said. I’ll be moving on from it now.


Actually, if EVERYBODY went back and re-read that point guard thread then probably everybody would be happy to forget what they said. NO ONE was mean-spirited about Dakich; they just began to get tired of the contention that Dakich’s contribution would have been substantive this season. A lot of people pointed out that the conversation was a non-starter because Dakich LEFT OF HIS OWN VOLITION. The whole thing was fueled by the fact that all the PGs were struggling. One of my favorite posters said that Simmons should not be allowed back on the floor this season. I’m sure he’s pleased he missed the mark on that one.

What that thread tends to prove is that seasons are long, observations are often very off, and that people often tend to get bent out of shape over pretty innocuous stuff!

But just to throw a little friendly fuel on the fire I’d say that–yeah–today did come about as close to settling the argument as any one game could. :slight_smile:


This is not at all true. In fact I said I was nervous for the northwestern Games and many others. I’m more confident in this team then any since the big runs.

I’m nervous about the penn st game for sure abd Maryland. I felt like we were the better team vs Ohio st and we had an epic collapse to lose on the road. I felt really good about revenge at home. I won 250 giving the points too. Thank you Michigan love these guys.

I think we can win the final two. Maybe a split though. Either way this team deserves a 5 or 6 all day.


That may be, but some of you were saying in the earlier discussion that Dakich wasn’t being guarded, hence his, at the time, gaudy offensive numbers. By the way, pretty hard to “hide” someone on defense, a little easier to hide them on “O”. Mattski is absolutely correct that it was a wise move by Coach B to hound him as Z did. Every time Dakich had the ball I was saying “take it away from him! Take it away from him!”



Does anyone have, or know where I may be able to find, post game video of the celebration. I was not able to attend the game and have read multiple places about the players and Coach B got on the mic and went up into the stands??? I saw a brief clip on the Michigan Basketball Twitter page. Just wondered if there is more out there.

Dylan… not being able to attend the big game like this just makes me appreciate all the work you do even more! Thanks for all you do.


No WH. You are misinterpreting other posters words again. I did not offer an assessment of how Dakich looked relative to Simmons in yesterday’s game.


Didn’t watch the game yet. How was Simmons?


IMO Simmons has been looking more and more capable over the last few games. I feel like his confidence must be growing a bit…I don’t think he will explode at the end of the year but I feel more comfortable with his play as an insurance policy because he seems to be our 4th guard anyway. Barring foul troubles I would give most all of the guard minutes to Z, Poole and MAAR anyway.


Made a couple of beautiful passes yesterday and–importantly–the rest of the team looks comfortable playing with him. Quiet growth that we can all hope will continue.


His bounce pass to Moe was a thing of beauty. Looks more comfortable with his shot, too.


I keep hoping CM develops on offensive but maybe it isn’t going to happen this year.