Ohio State at Michigan Discussion


How exactly has OSU been able to hide Dakich defensively all year? We went at him relentlessly.


This should end any more “we would be better off with Dakich” conversation.


I was just going to give this a “like” but I really don’t care about KBD. What I do care about is Duncan and the way his defense has improved and how he has risen to the occasion in these last several games. Interesting that the player who is “only a three point shooter” played good defense today, not perfect but good against the probable POY in the B1G. Our kids played outstanding defense all day, and especially down the stretch. Loved the loud standing ovation that both Duncan and MAAR got when they came out in the last 30 seconds or so. This was such a great TEAM victory as everyone contributed.


I thought they did a great job with the scouting report and the players executed outstanding! They knew who to attack when on offense (usually Dakich) and where the help was to come from/who not to worry about defensively.

Credit to M obviously, but I wonder how OSU has been able to get by all year. It seems as if they have 2 if not 3 offensive non-entities on the floor most of the time.


When it comes time to pick my bracket I’m going to look hard at Ohio State as a team to get upset in the first round. I think Michigan really exposed them today.


Also just so few defensive breakdowns, so few turnovers, so few silly passes - a few bad passes giving it to the wrong guy in the wrong amount of traffic, and the Poole pass that got kicked could have ended badly, but on the whole, what a complete 40 minute game. I thought our mental tenacity sustained from the tip to the final buzzer.


That was never the discussion. I will say this, I’m glad we have Simmons. He did a nice job today. I’m so happy for him and the team that he was able to make a solid contribution to a great victory today. Again, and PLEASE, let’s NOT revisit this, the discussion was only whether Dakich would make a "meaningful, positive contribution, which he has certainly done for OSU, though not TODAY, as we had all hoped he wouldn’t, including me. Other people changed it to “who we would be better off” with. I am glad we have Simmons. I would rather have Simmons. Now, let’s stop this silliness and celebrate a GREAT TEAM WIN vs. our sworn enemy, the Buckeyes!


Some of Matthews’ borderline maddening play/decisions was about the only real negative today. I hope they can out of him trying to execute beyond his skill level eventually


Livers being 1/5 on free throws this year is an odd stat.






How has OSU been able to hide Dakich all year? Both times UM has played against OSU this year we attached him relentlessly and OSU had no answer. Great coaching by JB but why haven’t other teams done this?


You say it wasn’t the discussion, then acknowledge that it became the discussion. Okay.



Wow! It wasn’t how the discussion began. It became the discussion because others on here changed the discussion. Go back and read the entire thread. It began on January 6 or 7. Seriously, why are you coming back on here to revisit a discussion that has long been over? Dylan, help! I seriously don’t want to have this discussion. I WILL, if you insist, but it’s not what I WANT. Let’s ALL just celebrate a Michigan win over the Buckeyes! Let’s stop this silliness. I loved our victory against the Buckeyes. I’m guessing you did, too. I loved that Simmons played well. I’m guessing you did, too. I’m glad that Dakich was at best a non factor, today. I’m guessing that you were, too. Let’s look forward, PSU on Wednesday! Go Blue!


Knock if off guys. Nobody gives a sh** about this petty argument.


Just watched the replay, as I was traveling during the game. Whole team played with poise and alacrity beginning to end; the passing is the passing of a fine team rounding into late-season form–play like that and we can play with anyone. Obviously Poole was delightful, and people commented on Robinson’s great D in the thread. Other things I saw: Simpson playing with gusto; the guy is really starting to enjoy himself and was a couple of close buckets from a monster scoring game. Teske also having a blast–he is no wooden figure but has great creative rapport with Matthews, Simpson, MAAR. Simmons looking comfortable on the floor. I also think that Matthews is going to be big time for us yet–he has worlds of talent and tremendous quicks; he got a lot of key rebounds. Clark Kellogg (my favorite announcer) was noting how strong Wagner looks–Moe was just beefing in there. Guy will play himself up or down a few pegs over the next few weeks, but anyone who doubts he gets drafted high is, I think, in for a surprise. Finally, just to make a comment on MAAR–to me his is like one of those great old-school NBA players, understated and smooth; it’s his evenness I think we have benefited from. Commentary about him needing to step up can be set aside; he does it successfully and consistently.


“Guys?” Did you read my response?!? That’s pretty much what I said! Twice! Really, social media! BUT, I also said a lot of things that absolutely were on topic! Come on, great win by the good guys, that’s all!


You could… not respond? I always find it funny when people try and act like the don’t care about a topic that they were extremely angry and hostile about after they’re shown to be wrong.