Ohio State at Michigan Discussion



His game is limited to situational slashing to the rim and/or kicking it out. It seems to go wrong quickly in traffic or when he is in a rush with the euro step.


Don’t think this is true. I think he has a lot in his arsenal but it’s all developing, which is part of the problem. (Curious whether other experienced onlookers agree.) May be until next year that he puts it all together, but I do think that he looks like he has gracefully accepted not being the centerpiece of the offense, as was expected, and works hard to contribute. The guy is not a primadonna.


I think his best move right now is the drive to the paint with a pull up jumper. As he learns to combine that with the finish at the rim, he will keep defenders off balance and keep them guessing.


Champions beat me to the punch. He DOES have a nice little jumper in the lane. He gets great elevation on his jump shot, and when he is hitting it consistently like he did at times in the pre B1G season, combined with his ability to take it to the rim, he’s going to be tough to stop. There is so much upside with Charles, and I think perhaps NCAA Tourney time we could begin to see more. Next year watch out. I’m excited to see his continued development.


Yea I asked because he was very impressive versus iowa. He looked like he could be a huge spark off the bench running the second unit. Definitely looked as if he deserved 10-15 a game with the way he played. Also maybe as the pg closer when we have leads in obvious foul situations so z isn’t in there. At this point z has a huge mental block at the line that I don’t see him fixing this year. He needs time off and fir a fresh start next year so there’s less pressure. Simmons play could be HUGE addition. Simmons, Poole, Duncan, teske is a very solid second unit. Could go from a weakness to a strength down the stretch. I really like where we’re at already and Simmons playing like he’s capable of just makes us that much more dangerous.