Ohio State at Michigan Discussion

Game isn’t until Sunday, but interesting game for OSU tonight at Penn State.

I’m watching some film of the first game and you almost forget that U-M was winning with 5 minutes to play as badly as it played.


Obviously all I can really remember about that game was the blown lead. But looking at the box score, everyone other than, oddly, Simpson and Brooks (19 points on ten shots combined) shot terribly.

Rahk had 11 points on ten shots
Wagner 14 on 13
Robinson 3 on 7
Mathews 4 on 9

Wow, PSU up big on OSU at the moment (still first half). If that holds, we may be facing a desperate team. (I’d still like to see them lose though.)

So, with OSU getting destroyed, a Michigan win on Sunday will probably result in a unanimous big ten title for MSU, ugh.

Eh, the regular-season title has been so watered down by the schedule, I don’t really care.

Wisconsin beating Purdue is shocking though.

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I dislike MSU as does any Michigan fan, but OSU winning any championship or anshare is worse :slight_smile:


Geez Sunday should be easy compared to facing this buzzsaw Penn State team on the road!

Cant believe the combination of Purdue’s choke-job and MSU’s joke of a schedule is going to hand them a championship that they were presumed to win all along, but still make it feel so cheap.

And it’d mean their shot at a rematch against us (#1 vs #5 in B1G tournament) will be our 3rd game in 3 days. So convenient

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This game has the feel of a “must win” simply due to the final 2 games being on the road against opponents we are going to have a tough time with. I think we are in the tournament unless we lose 4 of the next 5 (which isn’t a crazy thought). But I think this win at home puts us in period.

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Maybe we’d win a rematch with MSU, like we won twice against Purdue last year.

We definitely could win! Im just miffed at the circumstances

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And twice against Wisconsin!!
M matches up really well with MSU imo and it’s because of Wagner and Simpson.

As far as OSU, I’m hopeful this is an OSU team running on fumes. Ripe to be taken.
Senior day as well

I was at the OSU game last year; that should serve as added motivation should any be needed

. [quote=“geoff_clarke, post:10, topic:3491, full:true”]
Maybe we’d win a rematch with MSU, like we won twice against Purdue last year.

I feel good about this game. I think we’re the better team and we had an epic collapse to lose the first time. If both teams play their best I think we win 9 out of ten.


You would feel good about the game if they were playing the Golden St. Warriors.


Dakich leaving for OSU was worth it if just for this game.


Also what a hollow 17 point performance by KBD. I can’t believe the defense Duncan played on him. Livers as well. Just a great game plan on him throwing a bunch of different looks out.


Duncan’s defense was really really good today.

I don’t know if KBD had a hollow performance. I think he was just poor today. 17pts on 17 shots plus 4 TO’s is bad but credit to our defense. Livers did a good job on him and Duncan did too. Plus they came with a double at times which was also effective.

I thought Simpson’s defense out top was great. He really got into OSU’s PG’s and disrupted their offense.

Nice to see Poole catch fire today. He’s done that a few times this year and that’s been huge in those games. I guess if either Poole or Duncan can knock down 3 or 4 three’s in a given game, that could be the difference.

Good win and I think solidifies our tourney spot for sure. Now let’s add to our resume with some tough road victories.


Some bad shooting from them in that crazy long drought in the 2nd half, a lot of good defense from us. It was a little worrisome that we couldn’t seem to make that one shot we needed to put the game on really good footing - whether it was a missed three or Z’s FB layup rolling out - when MAAR was able to step in and knock down that 3, there was much exultation here. If ever there was a game where you make trade offs, you had to accept a lot of those Tate ORebs/putbacks. It’s what he does, of course, but we needed the offensive personnel on the floor for the offensive end, which leaves you with a guy on Tate who is just going to give up some rebounds.

I thought we should win this one but the guys played great defense and played a really tenacious, conscientious game. They really got the details right today. I would definitely settle for a split of these last two, but they both will be so tough. That PSU team is playing scary good right now, with a lot of athleticism. They’re definitely going to just try to overrun us. Hope we can bring it on the road.

Anyway, going to really enjoy this win today. Still feel we let them off the hook at OSU, and still mad about the 4 point play and the momentum change off of Tate’s dunk. So happy to see us adjust to that defense and loved seeing our guys finish the job today.

edited to agree with the above: Z had some outstanding defensive possessions.

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