North Carolina at Michigan Discussion Thread

…So how do we feel about UNC on Wednesday? Exposed by TX and too young and early in the season for them?

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I think the sold-out Crisler crowd will be in a froth, screaming for a team that can actually play defense against top-tier opponents. This time, they won’t be disappointed. Michigan by 5.


Nailed it on your first point, RedsMaizeandBlue, and I agree to your second one. UNC shrugged off a pretty bad first half versus UCLA and pounded them.

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For those who attend most games when is the last time Crisler has been full? I’m not talking ticket sales, we’ve had multiple sellouts with a half empty upper deck student section. Illinois 2014-15?

I’m nervous for UNC. Talent wise I personally think they are a little better and have just as much or more experience. Big question for them is will Williams let them play. Mainly I’m referring to Nassir Little. I personally think he will this game. And Johnson is a absolute sniper with size. Plus Luke Maye is still around and he’s tough. Coby White is a flat out bucket getter should be a great game. It’s going to go right to the end in my opinion.

I think it’s going to be a fun match-up, and I agree that UNC appears a bit more skilled. However, I think the eventual outcome will be which team most exploits the other team’s “weaknesses” while fortifying their own—namely, U-M’s offense versus UNC’s defense. The “unstoppable force meets the immovable object” (UNC’s O v. U-M’s D) seem on the same level, and pretty consistent through six games each. Teske and Livers under that premise will be key for U-M, IMO.

We could certainly lose, but UNC just lost to Texas (who looked awful in the second half against MSU) and took a long time to put away UCLA, who does not seem special. I recall MSU completely shutting them down defensively last year. Maybe we can do the same. I kinda discount last year’s game because we had Brooks starting at that time and trying to guard Joel Berry. And it was a road game.

Texas shot lights out though. Like I doubt they will shoot that good again all season. UNC still battled them despite Kerwin Roach & co. Making everything.

Last year is irrelevant to me because Isaiah Livers was lost out there, Matthews was still turnover prone and Moe wasn’t good at the start of the year either. Completely different team this year.

I think Michigan would have won in the tourney on the rematch last year

That said I agree with la. We could certainly lose as unc is clearly talented and will end up being a team to be reckoned with, but this Michigan team feels different. They inspire confidence. As fans it’s easy to feel the other shoe is going to drop or to have doubt in the teams you root for.

Normally I’d be extremely worried and would be pleasantly surprised in a victory in this matchup. This years team has me feeling confident they will win at home and I’ll be slightly surprised if they lose, though not shocked. It feels good to feel that way and is a testament to what coach b and his players have done over the last few years.


So like how a lot of people felt about the football game ;-).

I’m excited for the UNC game, it’s tough to imagine getting wrecked with the defense our rotation is playing. UNC has Talent with a capital T.

I am looking forward to seeing what recruits come by for the game ?

I’m actually not a UM fan in football. I have to keep my allegiance private on that one. Surprisingly Based off who I root for I still root for Michigan on the side.

Was rooting for you guys yesterday.

I certainly agree, this team is tougher than nails, when your intent and demeanor is to disrupt your opponent and it is executed, then your dealing with a whole new ball game, teams are trying to get to the level demonstrated, more particularly this team already is like a chemist proffessor, that certainly is the most obvious aspect of the team that jumps out to me is the amount of chemistry exemplified, and that is in my opinion due to their outstanfing leadership and coaching

Is there a health update on Seventh Woods? I know he has a concussion, but does he figure to play on Wednesday? Concussions are always tough to project a time frame for.

I think the lack of chatter on the board can be attributed to post UM/OSU depression. Wow, that game really did s*ck.

In any case, I am very upbeat about UNC. For once, we have the athleticism to compete with the highest-tier teams. And it will be tough for UNC after playing a tournament just a couple of days earlier. Certainly possible that UM blows them out, but my official prediction would be a UM win by 8.

I feel good about this game with the exception of UNC’s offensive rebounding ability. They rebound 40% of their misses and are huge; Brooks, Manley, and Little are especially proficient in this regard. But UNC doesn’t shoot a lot of threes and are coming off that Vegas tournament. Crisler should be rocking and I think we will be ready for the big time matchup.

Interested to see how Iggy handles Maye. Maye is so crafty and so is Iggy. Could be fun watching them go after it on the offensive end. I do worry about Iggy on Maye on the defensive end though.

Dylan made a good point in another thread… the fact that UNC’s offense is very proficient WITHOUT taking a lot of threes makes them more dangerous to defend.

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UNC’s average possession length is 13 seconds. This suggests to me that the key will be applying pressure on their guards to disrupt early action. They have tall guards by the way. Kenny Williams and Coby White are 6’4" and 6’5" respectively and both have about 23% assist rate. Could be scary vs our short PG’s.

Coby White is dynamic. He’s looking for pull up jumpers and range is deep. Think Rob Gray but taller. Lottery pick for sure in my mind. He is a handful. I’ll be interested if Matthews gets tasks of defending White. I don’t like the idea of Poole guarding him; rather see X on him than Poole.