NCAA Tournament Open Thread 2016


They’re best team was s few years back with gsry harris and Payne. That team had it all and should have won it all. They played horrible against uconn and for some reason they just shot three after three in that game even though they were cold and they were still up eight late. No reason they were supposed to those to uconn ( who sent on to win of course)had they gone to the rim more or fed it downlow to Payne and crew they would have cruised to that championship.


That was their most talented team. This was, in my opinion, their best team and best chance at a championship.

By the end of the 2014 season, Appling was basically worthless on offense. Harris and Payne were fantastic, but Dawson would disappear for stretches and Costello and Valentine weren’t good yet. Trice was ok, but nothing special. They had some real head scratching losses that year.


Appling and Valentine were the kings of bone headed plays that year.

Surprised Davis did not play much in the second half tonight. He played very well in the first half. I think Davis has been underutilized by Izzo big time. He does it on purpose so he can retain players at a higher rate, I think.


Watching West VA and I have to believe Michigan was placed in a good spot. No complaints. Hopefully ND is beatable.


We can really really make a run if we get after it


Wisconsin up 2 with about 2 to go

WVU down 8 early in the second half against Stephen F Austin


Typical bob Huggins tire fire half court offense


Didn’t Fizzle have a long string of early flameouts before he got lucky–and everyone forgot that–the last few years?


Come on sfa, you can do this. That’d be huge. We got to take care of business tonight.


I didn’t realize that Bill Carmody was Holy Cross’ coach. A couple wins away from giving N"W a tourney appearance several seasons. Then gets into the tournament with a losing record in his first year at Holy Cross lol.


Bob Huggins has been to the NCAA tournament 22 times. He’s bowed out in the first or second round (or third for those couple goofy years) 15 of those appearances. That’s gotta be amongst the worst rates for coaches with double digit appearances.


Walkup drops 33. Wow.


SFA looked legit.


Absolutely agree. And a dazzling effort at the end.


Yeah, I’m wondering if WVU is usually so turnover prone or if SFA was more responsible for that. I will say a lot of higher seeds look legit in the first round and then things quickly change in the second.


SFA forces a lot of turnovers. WVU commits a lot of turnovers. It was a mixture of both.

WVU also forces a lot of turnovers but SFA holds onto the ball pretty well.

We wouldn’t turn it over as much as WVU did, but we’d also probably give up easier buckets in the halfcourt.


Sfa can definitely play but wvu helped them mightily in that game. It wasn’t just the turnovers but also the continued pressure by wvu that sfa beat easily and repeatedly resulting in either layups or fouls. Ofcourse Huggins saw no reason to ever change what they were doing


Yea, SFA really handled pressure well. Very good ball handling. Nice passing.


What s crazy tourney. I wish all the good teams didn’t get paired in the east. Ruined my bracket. Now Michigan st made really only one of my brackets relevant


Yale has made a game of it against Duke after being down 22 at one point. Under 8 to go and down 9