NCAA Tournament Open Thread 2016


Did anyone see a foul on that 3 attempt?


Maybe on the arm?


People are allowed to have different opinions as to the best way to build a team,no? This would be a pretty boring around here if everyone saw things the same way…Ayway, I am just trying to enjoy MSU’s failure right now.


The upside of the fanbase mercilessly trashing their players (even a NPOY candidate!) is that it can only help Michigan.


Absolutely. I’m fine with different opinions. You are lying to yourself if you don’t think that there was an over-infestation of program-trashing this year. 90% of the threads all turned into the same thing.


Pac 12 and Big 12 shaky too.


If you want to see actual program-trashing, check out RCMB right now as they scramble to delete about 100 threads calling their seniors gutless failures.


I watched part of the Cal game – Jaylen Brown didn’t look that disappointed with the loss. I guess losing doesn’t hurt that much when you’re a guaranteed top-five draft pick. Still would have been a nice player for us.

BTW our old walk-on Tummala plays for Hawaii now. Scored 5 points today. Good for him.


Woodbury with the buzzer beater tip-in to win in OT :open_mouth:


11 upsets. 11 non-upsets.

Pac 12 1-5 so far. Ouch!


I think people should be cautious about taking too much from a single elimination tournament. While a hell of alot of fun, it’s a bad measurement of good teams. MSU was still a very good team this year. One of the top 4 IMO, even after that loss. Whatever happens over the weekend and the next few won’t change that because it’s a small sample size of games.

I would love a team built like MSUs because they have multiple very good players. Just because they are the culprit of the biggest upset in tournament history (IMO), doesn’t mean they’re not a very good team. They proved that over the course of the season.

We are an average team without Caris. We’ve proven that over the course of the season. Beating ND and then WVU wouldn’t change that. It’d just mean that we played a couple good games in a row.


Don’t disagree that the ncaa tournament is a poor way to judge team strength, but still rather be an average team still playing than a very good team that’s out. Ultimately we remember these teams for what they accomplish in March.


Give me banners.

I could be in the minority, but give me regular season conference titles over anything other than Final Fours all day long. I’d rather win the conference title and go out in the first round then go to the Elite 8 after a mediocre season.


Didn’t Michigan just do both recently? Stop crying.


Where am I “crying”?


B1G not having a positive showing so far. Granted, most major conferences with a bad record for the first couple days with all these upsets.

We didn’t play all that great on Wednesday night (though we have a chance to redeem ourselves tonight).

MSU lost.
Purdue lost.
Maryland almost blew their game.
Iowa blew a double digit lead and snuck out in OT
Wisconsin down early.

Indiana with the big win, but I expect them to get stomped by Kentucky tomorrow.


Wisconsin brutal offensive start


ONLY downside to the MSU loss is that it took away the very remote chance that Deyonta Davis would have a stellar tourney and bolt after 1 year. Guess we’ll have him to deal with on that squad next year…but, HAIL. ****


He’s still a late lotto pick and projects as a guy who will rise in workouts. I’m sure Izzo will convince him to come back though.


Really hope they change the rule to review goaltending. I’ve seen four missed goaltends in this tournament alone. No reason not to review those at the next timeout and then stop the game in the last four minutes to review.