NCAA Tournament Open Thread 2016


Indiana and Kentucky in what looks to be a good game. I missed part of it making guacamole. Good on the Hoosiers to be even with Kentucky considering Thomas Bryant went to the bench with two fouls in the first 3 minutes.

Will be a very good second half.


Good half for Beilfeldt 5pt(3 for 3), 4 reb, 1 assist, I just can’t let this go.


That OG kid on Indiana is going to develop into a star. He looks like he could be the next Oladipo. He’s still really raw offensively but he can really defend multiple positions and is super athletic. Was he a highly regarded recruit out of high school or a sleeper?


He was a three star, top 300 in the country though. I agree, definitely see some Oladipo, maybe Kawhi Leonard in college too.


Whatever happened here was a) mostly offtopic and b) over the line.

I was at Barclays all night after the game and traveling all day on Saturday, so took me a while to clean it up. Sorry about that. Many guilty parties, let’s try to keep things a little more in line going forward.


Welp. Well Indiana and Maryland will have to carry the Big Ten torch. Iowa getting killed. Hard to believe that happens with 19 seniors on your team


B1G was way down this year. It’s being proven all through the tourney.


I agree the big ten was down relative to recent years. But using the tournament as a guide, only the ACC is doing well. The Pac-12 has flamed out horribly, and the Big 12 hasn’t done much better. The SEC is still really bad at basketball.


Not surprised by any of those conferences not doing well. PAC 12 is horribly overated every year and Big 12 isn’t far behind. You can’t have the same conference winner for 12 straight years and convince me the conference is great. Won’t even discuss the SEC because they are laughable. ACC will always speak for themselves.

College basketball in general is down right now.

I know you don’t like the base things off the tourney but this is MONEY time. Your better teams will move forward.


That’s not true at all. Some of your better teams will move forward. Some won’t. MSU is still one of the best 2-3 teams in the nation IMO and they are out. Cal, Baylor and Utah are absolutely top 20 teams IMO. And they are out. If we had beat ND and SFA and gone to the Sweet 16, that does not mean that we are a top 20 team. It means we beat two teams in three days. Just like how we were semifinalists for the conference tourney but were not one of the top four teams in the conference.

Tourney is all about matchups and who is hot (or who is not). It’s a poor measurement of who is good and who is not.


Your better teams move forward! Hence winning and losing! I will give you late in the tourney your argument holds true with me but When you lose early you can’t argue you were one of the better teams. MSU isn’t close to one of the best teams in the country. They got man handled in their game.

You want to be considered the best keep winning! You go out early in the tournament enjoy never being rememberd again.


So you are saying that the teams in the Sweet 16 are the 16 best teams in CBB every year?


Why yes they are Bacon because they won at MONEY time! They proved it not some writer ranking them in a poll

I put a ton of emphasis on the tourney some of you don’t. These next couple of weeks are what college basketball is all about. Not unbalanced league schedules, crap non conference opponents, and arguing about RPI! You no longer get to chose who you play on your schedule someone else, who knows basketball, puts you through a tougher test.

Survive and advance


I never said anything about AP or coaches’ polls. I think they’re really poor evaluators as well and those are more about perception (hence why ND and Michigan are almost always high in preseason football polls regardless or how they performed the previous season or what they have coming back).

But if you think a single elimination tournament is the best evaluation of what teams are better or not, there’s really no talking to you about it because that’s just laughable logic. Plus I see you’re hung up on straw mans.

Hell of a lot of fun. One of the most entertaining things in all of sports. Bad evaluative tool.


No need to talk to me about it. We view the tournament different and always will.


Right. You view it wrongly. :wink:


Hahaha. I like that.


The bottom line; your season is defined in the NCAA tournament.


I think that’s how a majority of people view it. BUt it really depends on the season for me. In 2011-12, bowing out in the first round didn’ mean we had a wretched season. Just meant we had a bad, disappointing game.

But the original discussion was about evaluating the overall quality of basketball conferences. And using the tournament as your sole measurement is not logical nor effective.


Bacon, you started your arguments in response to this statement: “your better teams will move forward”

You disagreed that the tournament is the best measuring stick.

I agree with my brother here, The NCAA tournament is by far the best measuring stick for how good teams are. What would be a better way to evaluate teams?