NCAA Tournament Open Thread 2016

Figured this would be worthwhile…

I know the tourney is about teams, not conferences, but I will be interested to see how the B1G does compared to the others. In particular, the Big12 got a lot of “best conference” and “at least 2, maybe 3 Final Four teams” type articles. So far Texas Tech lost in an 8-9 match up.

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I mostly want to see pac-12 since the committee gave them so much love.

I’ll be watching them too because, to be honest, I haven’t seen many of their games this year.

Yale playing great vs Baylor. Very careful with the basketball, terrific ball movement – but they are also awesome on the glass at both ends of the floor. Great proof that that cerebral, jump-shooting basketball and inside toughness aren’t mutually exclusive.

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Anyone know if there are alcohol sales at these venues? I’ll be in Brooklyn tomorrow night and with the late start I anticipate getting thirsty…

Don’t think the NCAA allows.

Purdue Iowa st is going to be awesome

2 totally different styles. Should be real good

Don’t get too excited for that potential matchup. Purdue is trying hard to choke this game away

Purdue going on their usual late 2nd half drought.

Wow Purdue. What are you doing? First you go into a complete shell for the last five minutes and then absolutely zero clock awareness.

Matt painter you have three timeouts!

Purdue is lost right now

Ha I know. This is the strategy I was preaching. If I was Purdue I’d put Caleb in again. They can’t sag off on both

And down goes Purdue. Thought little rock got lucky no foul was called on that last drive. Looked like a lot of contact with the arm. But Purdue should have never been in that situation. Unfortunately that’s what you get with painter. Great recruiter, terrible in game coach

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Purdue had plenty of opportunities. Cline missed back end of free throws (missed a bunch besides him, but that stands out). Edwards thought they were winning after Little Rock hit the 3 to tie it. Painter calls a timeout and they run a crappy pick and roll (tons of teams do that) with 7.8 seconds left and get a contested 2.

And people actually would trade Matt Painter for John Beilein??? To me, it’s not even close. They’re not even in the same ballpark. JB has all sorts of issues but he is a significantly better coach than Painter.


11 seconds left. Couldn’t believe they came out with nothing other than a pick and role with a slow ball ball handler.

Painter looked like a deer in head lights down the stretch. That was bad. There’s no defending how he coached those final 15 minutes.