NCAA Tournament Open Thread 2016


I’m so hoping Mid ten can do this. PLEASE


The announcers said the refs are going to “fix” the nets. Probably not the only thing they’re going to fix.


But Izzo’s made for March!



Some quotes from MSU fans:

“Pride really does come before the fall.”

“App state for us.”

“This team should be erased from the record books. Invent some NCAA violation. Self-sanction. No one around EL will every want to hear the names Valentine, Costello, Forbes and Wollenman again.”

“Nice going, Denzel. You fucking choked on the big stage.”

“Izzo would have just lost to UNC or Duke like usual anyway.”


Sparty no!


Amazing that Michigan has outlasted State in the tournament.


I wonder what Draymond’s going to tweet now…


lol. I was going to say that no matter what happens tonight, we won more games than MSU in the tournament this year.

Would be great to pair this with a run of our own.


But I thought that Denzel guaranteed a championship?

I honestly thought this MSU team was built for a title–moreso than some of their more talented teams of the past few years. I am so glad they lost in one of the biggest upsets in tournament history.


That was a wonderful thug to witness!


Thing, oops


No. I think you had it right the first time.


Personally, I think it’s the biggest. Maybe I’m biased. But MSU was playing so well down the stretch. 9 game winning streak and 13 of their last 14. They were a great shooting team and had playmakers and role players. I didn’t think there was any way that they’d not make the Final Four. Wow.


All we heard all year on this forum was how our team needs to be built like Ohio St., Purdue, and Michigan St.

Lol at the trolls.


Yea. I thought they were going deep. happy to be wrong.


A tremendous side benefit to this? How many of us are going to win our bracket challenges now because you know we didn’t project them going that far and likely most everyone else did.


Izzo choked bad and deserves to have his entire legacy reevaluated… that said, none of this changes the fact that I still wish we had their incoming recruiting class.


If Iowa doesn’t pull this off, combine that with Sparty and Purdue and we’ll have to hear a round of how it’s a weak conference.


The point is that even teams that are built the way everyone here is crying for them to be built can underwhelm.


Ridiculously efficient shooting night for MTSU – I don’t think anyone could beat them with the numbers they put up. Near perfect game under the circumstances.