NCAA Tournament Open Thread 2016


Purdue had the pieces to go to the final four. And I am annoyed that they went and justified their relatively crap ranking. If ever there was a year to shine, this was it for Painter.


That could have been one of the most mind boggling losses I can remember. AJ Hammons is the the big and tall one coach! Did the NCAA pass a rule that Swanigan wasn’t allowed to touch the ball? Johnny Hill to win the game?

Why do coaches continuously let teams get 3 pointers off in late game 3 to tie situations? They can’t get 3 points from the free throw line. Math is hard.


You think? I had them getting beat next game. I never run a team all that deep without a PG.


Beardin for Buffalo is going to get a shot at the pros. Only a sophomore

Would also really suck to have Perkins playing our 4.


Purdue’s loss to Little Rock is definitely going to hurt our RPI.


Painter managed to turn four years of Hammons into … zero NCAA wins (two appearances).

On another note, FGCU lost steam but that was a fun game to watch for a while there.


They don’t have good enough guard play.


RPI At this point, what difference does it make.


Wichita State taking it to Arizona!


Would you still trade Beilein for him?


I would love to see Wagner put on 25lbs and play like this Sabonis kid on Gonzaga.


Not sure Wagner has the same shoulder/hip build to use his body similarly to Sabonis. Funny thing is their listed weights are only 15 lbs apart. Wagner does appear to be quicker and more athletic than sabonis. Wagners potential is really through the roof. Probably won’t happen next year but the year after that he certainly could become the centerpiece of the team.


I’ll tell you after tonight.

JB’s late game coaching on Wednesday was nothing to write home about.


With the way rahkmsm and wagner are coming on I can’t help but think with levert and spike that this team would have been dangerous. No one would have wanted to play us. Throw in Duncan’s improved play and we could have won some games. Still might but man we would have been deep., I believe they both are game changers offensively.


I think that there will be more similarities in time than differences. Wagner might not be as compact but the aggressiveness is definitely there for both of them. Mo already has that part down. Just needs some beef/muscle to back it up.


Pac 12 faceplanting again today. OSU lost to VCU and Cal is behind Hawaii. Bill Walton you are wrong!


Jaylen Brown shot 1-6 from the floor, had 7 turnovers and fouled out with 7 minutes remaining.


A couple really questionable calls. Should probably still be on the floor (even though he wasn’t doing much). His last foul was a really dumb reach-in though.


Pac-12 is 1-5. I’m so happy


I believe in you Middle Tennessee State! 4 more minutes!