NCAA Résumé/Non-Conference Discussion

Villanova in a BATTLE down ONE at home to CREIGHTON with less than 2 minutes LEFT.

Tie game. 32 seconds left. Nova ball. This is where champions are made.

Providence now 13-10 (3-7); that victory is probably on the verge of dropping to Q3 status.

Nova about to escape in OT

Nice win for Nova against a top 50 kenpom team.

Villanova down one at Marquette with less than 15 seconds and the ball.

Wow, one of the worst final possessions I’ve ever seen. Not even hyperbole.


Thought Booth had a layup there, once he passed it up the possession was doomed.

Even if he was worried about getting blocked it seemed like a floater would’ve been a totally fine option there.

Or kick it out to the pick and pop. “Worst possession ever” seems based on the result more than the action.

I think if you consider the defense by Marquette it might be. They messed the switch up so bad and gave Booth a clean path right to the basket.

Having an open shot attempt, not taking it, then pivoting around for a couple seconds before passing it out to a guy who has no clue what to do and doesn’t even get a shot off in time is one of the worst final possessions I’ve seen.

Yeah, I guess I think more about the initial play when people say that. As in a bad possession is one where you never get into an action that should work. But yes, the result was awful :wink:

Yeah I mean more just like “wtf just happened.”

It was set up well, agreed.

Sorry for dominating this thread, but South Carolina is up 5 against Arkansas with 8 minutes left in a pretty entertaining game. They just went on a 22-4 run. SEC Network.

update: USC wins 77-65. Arkansas was kenpom top 50, nice win. They’re now 7-3 in the SEC.


Providence went into MSG and beat the Johnnies by 14. Yay.


What a weird season for Providence.

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UNC lets one get away from them and loses to UVA at the Dean Dome. Big call overturned a three-pointer that would’ve put the Heels up by three but it pretty clearly was still in Coby White’s hand when the shot clock expired.

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UNC had two tough breaks on shot clock expirations, the other being a half of play at the end of the first half that (correctly, barely) overturned an easy layup.

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South Carolina moves to 8-4 in the SEC with a home win against Texas A&M.