NCAA Résumé/Non-Conference Discussion

Creating this thread to discuss teams that Michigan has already played, especially in the non-conference:

  • Villanova
  • South Carolina
  • North Carolina
  • Providence
  • etc.

Nova is up 21 with 5 minutes left against UConn at MSG. If they can win this and win convincingly, this makes Michigan look even better. Rooting for every non conference team we played this year to win.


Gillespie is out with a concussion. Quinerly has played pretty well, and Cremo is on fire from deep. If 'Nova can get Quinerly on the floor more, and add his playmaking ability to shooting from Gillespie and Cremo, that becomes a much more dangerous team.

Well Quinerly is way more talented than Gillespe overall so in order for Villanova to reach their ceiling this year, they need Quinerly to step up.

South Carolina wins at Florida. Ugly game.

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Hilarious final play to win the game for South Carolina. 3/4 court pass and USC clearly got away with a push on the catch.

Big East does seem down, but it feels like Villanova is slowly starting to round into form. Won at Providence on Saturday and KenPom numbers project the Cats to go 12-6 and win the Big East, FWIW.

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Silva pushed but it wasn’t a very hard push. A subtle nudge lol. Florida had nobody on the passer; and nobody between Silva and the basket!! The pass was awkward and sort of a wounded duck. Sometimes better to be lucky than good.

Good win for Nova but man was that an awful second half for them.

Another good win for Nova. This time home against St. Johns.

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Despite trailing for most of the game, Nova nearly hit the KenPom number (77-71), winning 76-71.

UNC/NC State currently airing on ESPN. Carolina up late in the first half in a major game of runs.

South Carolina hosting Mississippi State, keeping it close late in the first half. Not expecting them to win this one but it would be nice.

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Gonna be a great day for Michigan without playing a game. Villanova gets a win over ranked St. Johns, North Carolina is getting a win on the road over a top 15 NC State team, and if South Carolina hangs on and beats top 15 Mississippi State it’s a tri-fecta.


South Carolina with the big win over top 15 Mississippi State. Good day for Michigan’s resume.


UNC getting demolished by Louisville at home.

Big time letdown game after the emotional victory over NC State in Raleigh. Carolina never looked remotely ready to play today.

A nice reminder that good teams can have awful games. Hopefully we remember that on here when we inevitably drop a dumb game to someone we shouldn’t.


I’m sure everyone will be completely calm and rational if Michigan loses a home game by 20 points.


Hey, I didn’t say I expect it to happen🤷‍♂️

Hoping that Providence can pull this one out at Georgetown. Up 71-70, about to shoot two FTs with 3.9 left.

EDIT: PC up three with Georgetown inbounding from under their own basket. C’mon, Friars!

Good lord, Hoyas bank it in from 35 feet to tie it.

30+ foot banked three to tie it for Georgetown. OT.