NCAA Résumé/Non-Conference Discussion


MSU is really good and anyone saying otherwise is kidding themselves


UNC struggling at home with Kenpom #80 Notre Dame.


Can’t figure unc out. They should be a top ten team imo.


Providence beat Seton Hall tonight. Hopefully they can stay in the top 100 to keep that a tier 2 win.


Villanova with a meh performance at home against a bad Xavier team, but they move to 5-0 in the Big Ten.

Side note: year 3 and Quentin Gooden remains quite inefficient. Considering what Simpson gives us defensively I am very happy with who we ended up with there.


Xavier dumped in a bunch of garbage time points to make it look a little better. I’ll agree it wasn’t any kind of “Villanova of old” performance but they did maintain a double-digit lead for the last eight minutes or so. No one in the Big East is really all that great and Nova is probably the best of them (along with Marquette).


Totally agree, more fight in the Z dog…he’s really developed into a true PG. Love how he manages the “read and react” set UM is running. I know DD has great talent but I wonder how he could manage the reads. Go blue!


At least UNC won.

/waves tiny flag


UNC currently beating the snot out of VA Tech in Chapel Hill.

/waves another tiny flag


Some subtle but interesting tweaks to the NET team sheets

Those upcoming Q1 games :eyes:


Nova wins at Butler


South Carolina with a big win over Auburn


All of the tiny flags!


Nova destroys The Hall in Philly and Providence holds on to beat a pesky DePaul team. Those two games, plus Purdue’s big win today and Tennessee’s slightly-closer-than-KenPom-predicted victory yesterday, have put Michigan back into 5th on KenPom.


anyone going to follow the Tenn/SC game? Would be doubly good if SC won.


I plan on watching until halftime when I leave for the game!!


South Carolina is my late January NIT Champions pick!


South Carolina got run out of their own building by Tennessee. Oh wellz.


yeah, sad times. Oh well.