NCAA Résumé/Non-Conference Discussion


Hoya guy just flopped big time to draw a foul on a three-pointer.


30 foot three to tie it for Georgetown. 2OT.


Really poor defense on that possession for PC. Left that Hoya dude wide open from about 28 feet.


If Villanova can hang on here that’d be a quality win for them on the road at Creighton. Hopefully South Carolina can beat Missouri as well.

College Basketball Open Discussion

Yep, Villanova is quietly right in the front of the Big East race once again (although the Big East isn’t particularly good).

South Carolina being decent helps a bit, but they are still way down there in the NET (~150) so they are a Q3 win at best.


Right. But if South Carolina is one of the worst teams Michigan beat not including the low and mid majors, and they keep winning, it raises Michigan’s resume floor some, per say. Just fighting for every inch like Fantasy Football stats :slight_smile:


Ha, fair enough. Michigan’s NC SOS… ugly. Down to 300th on KenPom, but the Big Ten is good enough and Michigan won enough key games early that it won’t probably end up mattering that much.


Don’t see how Michigan isn’t an eventual one seed barring serious injuries.

They’re just flat out the best team in the B1G.



That tournament yielded disappointingly little, especially with Providence’s injury, but a few things pretty much salvage the poor nonconference strength:

  • UM won all the games
  • UM still got two tier 1 victories with NC and Nova
  • it’s not just that the Big Ten is good, it’s that it’s a 20 game schedule now


They definitely would be right now, but there is a lot of basketball left.


Yeah, the SOS in conference is going to be so challenging that the NC stuff probably won’t really matter much at all.


MSU and Maryland just don’t scare me at all going forward. Truly think it’s US and everybody else.


Thanks for posting, 4 wins over top 30 teams in the NET with no losses! I’ll take it…more to come!


Here’s Michigan’s team sheet right now.

All three Q2 wins are on the bubble and close to falling to Q3.


So to play devil’s advocate, why do you suppose their kenpom rating is a good chunk higher than ours (+26.5 to +29.1)? They’re higher on the Massey Composite too.


No idea. But will bet Maryland has 7-8 league losses and MSU 5+.

I’m not remotely worried about us winning the B1G.
Barring serious injuries.


Where do you get those team sheets?



USC beats Mizzou at home to go to 3-0 in the SEC.