NCAA 2018: Michigan vs. Florida State Discussion Thread


Did we cut down both nets? I saw one video of Mo cutting down the last strand and then another video of Beilein doing it…


Man… Michigan was on the verge of blowing the game open when a couple bad calls kept the flood gates closed. Score was 45-38. Simpson’s And One was waived off on what was clearly a bad call. Instead M had empty possession. Second was missed goaltend on Matthews layup that resulted in transition 4th foul on Wagner. Could have been 50-38, instead ends up 45-40.

Cofer had 16 points, but only 3 with Livers guarding him. Another unsung performance by Livers.

We have watched Matthews turn the corner in the BTT and NCAA. He’s finally comfortable using the pump fake and pivot to devasting effect. I would not expect a regression at this point.

Mis-guided color analyst Dan Bonner displayed his best antiquated thinking on Matthews’ drive, pump, pivot, jump shot over helpless FSU defense, by yelling Michigan should “get the ball to Teske”, while Reggie Miller gushed over Matthew’s court artistry. my man Bonner was fixated on the wrong mismatch


That to me was a sign of how ill-prepared Reggie was. And–don’t know if you noticed–but a minute later he came up with some stat attesting to Teske’s prowess. I felt like someone upstairs caught his dumb remark and sought to adjust the picture.


It’s painful listening to these guys talk about college basketball. It’s getting annoying really and as it is their job, should probably be a bit more prepared.


It is. If you’re attentive and reading up here and at mgoblog before these games you are bound to spend some of the time gritting your teeth. We need Dylan to start announcing games too in a simulcast with CBS, turn off the volume on our screens.


I always watch game with volume muted. If I watch a second time, I’ll listen to the announcers. They have some insights but their takes are too often mis-informed and irritating


I’m just guessing, but I’d imagine that prior to the game, the FSU staff coached their players who they want to foul in late game situations (X, Charles) and who not to (Duncan), and probably had the message reinforced several times during 2nd half timeouts (there was a period where they were clearly willing to give fouls on Zavier and nobody else). I’d bet that the kid, having that message reinforced repeatedly, probably saw Duncan had the ball and acted accordingly, forgetting that with ten seconds left, you foul ASAP no matter what.

Hamilton, to his credit, was likely trying to avoid driving a bus over his kid.


It’s interesting because. . . let’s say Hamilton DID just flat out F up there at the end. What kind of response do you get if you rush up to him or any coach and say what (the h) were you thinking? We should all be accountable, I agree, but if that person kind of blinks at you and assumes you’re aggressing against them, it probably shouldn’t come as a surprise.


To be honest, this may well be a viable option in the future, piggybacking the Twitch model to allow anyone to simulcast a game broadcast. There are startups working on this right now.


When you sign up to be a coach of a major conference team you have to know that if you F up the media is going to immediately jump.


We have a week, so I’ll ask…

Is Simpson the prohibitive favorite to be the best PG in the BIG next season? I think he is. At the very least he’s the best PG for M IMO.


That pissed me off too. You’d think these guys would do some homework for all the money they get paid.


Carson Edwards, Cassius Winston and Anthony Cowan are also all very good. I think it’s debatable who is the best considering how absurdly elite Xavier has become defensively, but he probably needs a better jumper if anyone is gonna consider him definitively above those uguys.


People should give Hamilton a break. He had no timeout left, and Duncan is an excellent shooter on the line, why drag the thing out when your chance of winning is less than 1 percent. I wish most games will end this way when the chance is clearly not in your favor.


I don’t think it was a huge error, but when you’re on the brink of the Final Four I think it’s worth taking that tiny chance instead of giving up. But I’m not sure that’s what they intended. I suspect there was miscommunication and their players were not supposed to foul Robinson, but they misheard it as “don’t foul,” period - and then Hamilton covered for them in the interview.

I think the biggest mistake by Hamilton was burning through his timeouts so early. They sure could have used one in the final minute.


Wasn’t PJ Thompson Purdue’s PG? I’d hope that Zavier putting Cassius in a body bag for two games would settle that comparison but maybe not.

I’d add Carr to your list.

Looking back it is insane that Zavier wasn’t on the all-defense team.


PJ Thompson was the shortest player in the starting lineup, but he’s basically just a spot-up shooter who sits in the corner. Carson Edwards runs that offense. Agreed on Carr.


Except he was standing on the sideline with the play right in front of him. He should have been screaming FOUL! FOUL!


Yes the coaches and staff cut down the 2nd net.


Because the object is to win the game and get to the final four, not get the game over as soon as possible.